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Journeyman III

AMD 5700XT Continuous Green Screen Crashing

Hey Guys!

I'm a HUGE AMD fan boi, That's all I run. And I was super stoked to get the OG AMD Radeon 5700XT(not a partner card).

However, anything after the Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.12.1 Software... it gives me a green screen of death within 60 seconds of loading up my computer. No matter how many different drivers I try.

I see today the 21.2.1 Driver just came out, and I was wondering if anyone has fixed this for themselves? I've been trying to play VR with this PC and it just crashes on me.


I really want to fix this, and the card is out of warranty, and I have tried DDU and reinstalling easily a hundred times. Just no luck with it at all.

Any ideas? I'll gladly paypal or venmo someone who can help me as this is getting old and I can't work with it. 


Y'all are incredible! Thank you!

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Adept I

What drivers did you test out? I know my old rx 5700xt ran perfectly on adrenalin 20.8.3


Tried pretty much all the new ones, and it also seems when a new driver comes out it installs it automatically(fixed that issue last week when I used a guide to just install the driver and nothing else, but was 19.12.1 driver) 


you have the same GPU as me? I have the AMD card, not a partner. And do you still use the same card?


I switched to Rx 6800XT so I no longer have my old card. 

Did you ever overclock your card. What are the rest of your specs? Sadly I don't have too much experience with screen crashes as I only got stutters with different drivers I tried.