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Journeyman III

[AMD 5700 XT] Recording Games at Full Screen Not Working!! (Minecraft)

Hello! My first time posting a thread here!

A couple of months ago at around October of last year, after I downloaded the newest update (released in Oct last year) I don't know what happned but I could not record games (Minecraft) at full screen since, I searched the website and saw other ppl had the same problem, but it was all the way back in 2018. The weirdest part is that before I downloaded the newest update back in October, everything worked fine, I could record at full screen with good resolution and good frame rates, so is it that update's problem? But if it is the update's problem then why did the other people experienced the same issue back in 2018? All of my settings both in game and in the Relive software are the same, nothing changed besides me downloading the newest updates. I'm hoping someone have a fix to this issue because recording games is something I really rely on!

I have a video but couldn't put it here oh well...

Thanks! Have a great day!

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Journeyman III

hi bro i have this problem my gpu model msi rx5700xt mech oc