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Adept I

AMD 5600G freezes and screen goes black

I bought the pc recently, it worked fine for a couple of days, until the following happened:
I turned on the pc, the windows 10 welcome image appeared, the loading circle froze, and after a few seconds the screen went black. The cursor was not visible, when I pressed the num lock button the led did not turn off. The only solution was to press the off button and manually turn it back on.
I had the drivers 21.10.2 (beta).
The second time I was in the battle net launcher, I pressed start overwatch, and the screen froze, this time it did not turn off, but I could not move the cursor or turn off the num lock led.
The third and last time I was surfing the internet, first the page froze, then the cursor, and finally the black screen went black.
the second and third time I had the 21.8.2 drivers, now install the 21.10.2 (whql).
The event viewer says "The amdwddmg display driver stopped responding and was successfully recovered."
I used ddu and now used amd cleanup and then ddu.
The windows reliability monitor throws 3 errors: LiveKernelEvent
141/117 / 1a1 (although the one that appeared all 3 times was 141, the other two appeared only once).
Also I get repeated many times the message "radeon settings: cpu metrics server stopped working"
My specs:
RAM: crucial ballistix red bulk 2x8gb 3200 mhz
cpu: amd ryzen 5 5600g
motherboard: msi b550m pro-vdh
ssd: wd black sn 750 500gb
psu: GAME PRO 550W 80 BRONZE


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