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Adept I

amd 23.4.1 make a permanent boot loop and IL2 1946 (with BAT mod) which don't work with newer driver

Dear community and developpers,

amd 23.4.1 make a permanent boot loop. I had to restart in safe mode and launch DDU to uninstall everything about AMD driver then I reinstalled my stable old 22.5.1 drivers which work with every games I have and especially IL2 1946 (with BAT mod) which do not work with newer drivers. OPENGL perfect landscape cannot be activated (previous post link below)

my system 6900XT, 5900X CPU, ASUS ROG strix WIFI B550 with last BIOS

Hope one day you will solve that because it seems openGL management with new drivers is totally broken with this old but excellent flight simulator.

Best regards



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IL2 1946 fix is ready internally. Expect to be included in one of the future driver releases.