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Adept I

AMD 20.3.1 & 20.4.1 Drivers - Blackscreen issues 5600xt

Thought I would add my experiences of the recent AMD drivers including 20.4.1 and the 2 previous drivers.
I have a RX 5600 XT (Sapphire) & a Ryzen 3600, both currently with the latest drivers 20.4.1 and also the latest chipset drivers. The proper uninstall/install procedure followed and Windows 10 fully updated.
I have only had this PC built for about 2 weeks and have had the black screen issues and also occasional restarts (only mid game and never in any CPU/RAM/GPU stress testing) and temperatures are also very low. I analysed the dump files and its always graphics card/driver related. It can happen from 5 mins into gaming or even up to 2 hours in (CS:GO, RE3 & COD MW)
Not being into PC Gaming for about 15 years I had no idea of the problems otherwise I would have just pay a tiny bit extra and got a RTX 2060 which have some stable drivers. If this was a new thing I would understand and just hold out for some new drivers that I would expect would fix the issue but seeing the issue is very widespread and not been resolved for over 6 months its just crazy.
I feel like my only hope is trying to return the RX 5600 XT (which is only 2 weeks old) but also very frustrating is the retailer is saying their is nothing actually wrong with the card/hardware and that its a software issue even though I'm explaining that this software/drivers are fundamental in the functioning of the graphics card and currently its ultimately faulty and not fit for purpose.
Is there any hope in this getting resolved soon ?
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