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AMD 20.2.1, Load Global Settings profile, Locked the core to 1732mhz (8Hour No Black Screen)


Last night we updated the driver to 20.2.1, upon loading the GUI I could see the games wattman profiles were still active, but the Global Settings had reset.


So I loaded up an old profile from the previous driver version and the fans started ramping up, upon checking the values I saw the core was locked at 1732mhz.


After realizing the core was locked, we tested some games, it was absolutely awesome! Solid FPS and no black screen for 8hours of testing. After a month of downclocking crap I finally saw the true potential.


Now today after booting up, the core is not locked anymore? Even loading back up the old wattman profile makes no difference.

How the hell did we bug the driver out to lock the core?

Thanks again.

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