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Journeyman III

ALL games stutter (A LOT) now that I downloaded drivers for the Integrated Vega 8 graphics

So I downloaded the drivers for the Vega 8 graphics (integrated graphics in the Ryzen 3 3200g) and it started turning downhill from there. The following benchmarks will show you the results I got before I installed the drivers and after I installed the drivers. (ALL RESULTS WERE IN 1080p)

CS:GO - 

Average FPS at Max Settings BEFORE the drivers - 67FPS

Average FPS at MEDIUM Settings AFTER the drivers - 38FPS (with serious stuttering and lag)

Fortnite -

Average FPS at Custom settings (textures and distance were Epic, rest were Medium) BEFORE the drivers - 73FPS

Average FPS at Low/Off settings AFTER the drivers - 31FPS


Average FPS at High settings BEFORE the drivers - 61FPS

Average FPS at Normal settings AFTER the drivers - 26FPS (with serious stuttering and lag)

Please could somebody help me sort out this mess and get me back to my original framerates? It did slightly improve after I disabled 'Vertical Sync' (it was unplayable with it), but there's still horrible stutter and unbearable lag. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone did decide to help.

If you want to know, the driver version is 20.5.1.