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Adept I

All drivers after 18.3.3 cause Fortnite to Crash (RX 580)

The crash behaviour seems to depend on the drivers used.

18.4.1 -> 18.6.1 (inclusive) result in a GPU reset (both monitors die, system recovers to a 'Unreal process has stopped working" dialogue).

18.7.1 causes a silent crash where the application simply closes with no error message and no driver reset.

These crashes occur reliably within half an hour of play in the actual game-world (not the menus!!!).

18.3.3 has occasional crashes (in the first variety - gpu reset and monitor losing signal before recovery) but much less often than later drivers. They can be eliminated entirely **but only in 18.3.3** by disabling TDR detection in the Windows Registry. Doing this in later driver versions reduces but DOES NOT eliminate the crashing.

DxDiag attached for reference, though everything is fine here

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Thanks, but I have FSO disabled globally in the registry (along with all the other extraneous XBox crap).

I tried essentially every system-display setting I could find before embarking on my survey of every driver AMD has put out since March - up to and including a clean Windows install. Given that I've solved it completely (30+ hours without a crash vs literally 5-30 minutes with other drivers) I'm quite confident where the problem lies here.

Didn't help I'm afraid, though thanks for the suggestion - not entirely clear on how a memory management issue would manifest only under certain sets of drivers, unless those drivers were themselves flawed in some respect, but I've tried essentially everything else I can think so, it was worth a shot.

Journeyman III

How would I disable TDR detection in the Windows Registry?


It did not help, so