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Journeyman III

All AMD PC randomly freezes in light tasks like watching Youtube

My AMD PC randomly freezes in light tasks like watching YouTube.

CPU: 7700x

GPU: 7900 XT

32 GB DDR5 Corsair Vengeance 

MB: Asus Tuf B650-Plus 

Primary SSD HP FX900 PRO Gen 4

PSU: Super Flower Legion GX Pro 750W 80+ Gold 

Monitor: HP X27q 27inch 165 Hz


First I thought that is Chrome's fault and got on to Edge instead ( on Edge the CPU doesn't stress as much opening a 4K vid)

Last time it crashed I was just turning off some bookmarks, so nothing exceptionally hard on the CPU.

The problem is that the issue occurs when I am just Browsing or watching YouTube, I have played games for up to 5 hours with no issue (like Hogwarts Legacy or Gotham Kenites)

When the issues got worse Windows was crashing continuously, tried to repair Windows but nothing, tried reinstalling Win 10 and Win 11 3 or 4 times and I could not do it.

I had to reset the BIOS to it's defaults and turn off TPM before I could install Windows, don't know if that was one of the issues or not.

After the new install I had installed fresh drivers directly from AMD for: AM5 Socket, CPU and GPU.

Didn't even install RGB software.

The only things I have installed are: AMD Ryzen Master( no overclock or other fiddling around), Adrenalin 23.2.2 (WHQL Recommended), Hogwarts Legacy, Qbittorrent, VLC, Libre Office and Foxit Reader. So nothing that I hadn't installed on my previous build. On my other PC I had a collection of game trainers and other dangerous staff and I didn't need to reinstall Windows for 3 Years ( with moded Windows , services disabled and other win app disabled and deleted ).

Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this?

Thank you!

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Could be Freesync. It's a known issue with the last few drivers on the Radeon 7000-series.
[DPC_Watchdog_Violation][amdkmdag.sys][RX 7900 XTX... - AMD Community

Try disabling Freesync for now (in your monitor, not just Adrenalin) or lower your refresh rate to 144Hz in Windows and see if that helps.

Journeyman III

Thank you for your answer, I will try this fix and test it to see if the issue get's fixed, first I will try the Hardware Acceleration disabled from the browser, because in my case I don't have issues in games. 

Adept I

Having the same issue with a 6700xt and 23.2.2 drivers. In fact it just happened while trying to type this reply. This system was stable and would run for days without a crash when I had my old video card in it. Now it hard locks a couple times a day. I really think its a driver issue since I think they rewrote the latest drivers and are still working out the bugs. I'll add more details in an edit but want to post this b4 it crashes again.

Edit: I recently replaced my old video card from that other company with a 6700xt. Ran DDU in safe mode to clean the old drivers and then installed 23.2.2. No overclocks on anything, xmp is off. Disabled all the HW accel in chrome and in windows with reg settings. Never crashes in game, only while browsing or if the PC is just sitting idle. Completely random hard locks with no blue screen or driver timeouts. Have to hit the reset button since keyboard is unresponsive. Nothing in the event log other than the unexpected reboot.

Edit2: I've reseated the card and checked the power connections, all looks good.


CPU: i7-7700k @ 4.2Ghz

MB: Asus z170

RAM: 48gb GSkill Rip Jaws

HD: 970 Evo NvME

Dual monitors using the HDMI and DP with DVI adapter. No freesync, just 1080p 60hz.

750w Power Supply



Disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome is the first thing recommended but you've done that so

Out of curiosity how long have you let the PC sit while hardlocked? I was having similar problems with a couple of the older drivers last year (disabling HW Acceleration fixed it) and if I just let the PC sit for a couple minutes eventually the driver would reset and recover. I'd have to kill the browser though.

I'd also be curious whether it does the same thing if you're not using the DVI adapter? I've seen more than one report that they cause problems. If you don't have a second monitor you could test without using an adapter even try with a single monitor with no adapter and see if you get the same crashes.

Journeyman III

I've been having the same issue for a few weeks with my new PC, with my rx 7900 xt and 23.2.2 with my DP cable at 165hz it crashes, this Moring it tried HDMI and it runs, then I connected my DP cable back in changed it to 144hz and it runs, I tried 165hz again and it crashed...

So I changed back to my DP cable at 144hz and freesync works.


Microsoft Windows 11 Home Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621
Amd Am5 x64-based PC
AMD Ryzen 9 7950X
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 1222, 24/02/2023
SMBIOS Version 3.5
Embedded Controller Version 255.255
BaseBoard Manufacturer ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.
BaseBoard Product TUF GAMING X670E-PLUS WIFI
BaseBoard Version Rev 1.xx
Platform Role Desktop
Secure Boot State On
Memory (RAM) 32.0 GB
Total Physical Memory 31.1 GB


Update, I decided to go back to the 22.12.2 for 165hz, I used DDU to remove adrenalin 23.2.2, Installed 22.12.2, updated to latest chipset drivers. I've ran various games on ultra, played 2 hours of Son's Of The Forest, no crash/freeze.

Adrenalin Edition 22.12.2 

AMD Chipset Drivers Download 


Adept I

I've noticed that the hard freeze seems to happen more (Edit: almost always happens)  when the pc is is idle for a time, maybe an hour or so. I have ULPS disabled, no screen saver and using 'High Performance Mode'.


I hope 23.3.1 will fix this issue. Many people here confirm it now fixed. Now I will enable freesync and MPO to see it will freeze or not.

Adept I

Still freezing when idle in 23.3.1. I did an update so will try again after ddu in safe mode. Will report if fixed.

Edit: Did a clean install of 23.3.1. A few hours later, while the PC was just sitting idle, it hard locked again. Cursor frozen, KB unresponsive. No blue or black screen, no driver timeout. Nothing in the event log. ULPS was disabled. Was really hoping these drivers would fix it, but losing faith now. Still have a week to return the card to Newegg - but I really don't want to. This PC used to be so stable, now its a mess. Might have to go with one of those other companies.


Same here, just updated to 23.3.1. Did get a black screen. I think I will revert to 23.2.2

Adept I

I have exactly the same problems since my last Adrenalin / Drivers Update. At first I thought it was my Opera browser. Afterwards I switched to Firefox, only to experience the same issue when hovering my mouse over youtube videos. The PC freezes... almost (I can move the cursor, but it takes seconds until it responds, its uncontrollable. Even the Task Manager takes forever to load.)

Then I found out that deactivating hardware acceleration in my browser fixed the issue. I even had flickering effects in Microsoft Word while working (deactivating hardware acceleration also fixed that).

Now it is Steam which makes my PC freeze - and the reason seems to have something to do with those videos loaded in the steam shop after launch.

I'm really sick of that.

yeah i know the feeling litellary install 3 different browsers before i figured out it AMD **bleep** DRIVER 

Adept I

Were you able to fix or bypass the problem?

Journeyman III

Hey, just came here to say that I have a similar issue that ive been dealing with for YEARS... and I have an Nvidia GPU, but AMD CPU. For me, I've noticed that apps will freeze one by one and if I kill them in task manager, they will actually close on the screen as they should, even if they are frozen. This even manages to freeze task manager which leads me to believe something is interrupting the display updates, making it look like the PC is freezing, but its actually the display.

I've completely rebuilt the PC with not a single part the same from the previous build... It was good for awhile, but eventually it started freezing again recently.

some things to try:
-when it freezes, press your caps lock key and see if the keyboard light for it still turns on, this will tell you if the PC is deadlocked or still active (mine still works)
-turn off hardware acceleration in everything you can (this is what i suspect is the issue), so far ive found the setting in web browsers, discord, steam, and Windows itself.

So far it seems to me that the PC itself isnt frozen, its the display, because when I unplug the display and plug it back in, suddenly it doesn't receive any signal anymore...
I've noticed that if I kill apps that are known issues fast enough through Task Manager as it starts to freeze, the displays will flash black and then back on, and the PC will fully recover.
This only seems to happen when the PC is not under heavy load, as I've never had it freeze while playing resource-intensive games UNLESS they are steam games (which i think is due to the hardware acceleration of the steam client itself, which is open in the background).
So far, I've recovered from a freeze by killing the above mentioned apps as well as the Logitech G-Hub updater process.

Something I haven't tried yet is to remote into the PC while it is "frozen" and see if it still lets me in and lets me use the PC like normal.

Journeyman III

Me too having the same problems when watching youtube videos in fullscreen just moving my mouse freezes the pc for 2-3 seconds 

after i reduced my monitor refresh rate from 165hz to 144hz the problem went away and i can watch youtube videos without the constant freezes

Journeyman III

Have the same issue as well. From what I’ve found with my setup the freezing is to do with the silent fan profile through the ASUS armour crate software or AMDs software. 


Basically light browsing sometimes spiked the CPU temp faster than the CPU fan would ramp up causing the CPU to throttle itself, depending on what bloatware you have installed I was given wattman errors when this happened. I ended up deleting armoury crate and choosing a different fan curve which fixed this specific problem for me.

Although I’m now having issues with my second NVME drive intermittently disappearing from windows and I’m not sure if that’s an ASUS issue or an AMD issue.

This is my first time purchasing an AMD powered device and I find the overall drivers and support very poor. Never had this much trouble running intel powered machines in the past. 


Journeyman III

I have the ausa 16 laptop with the Amd processor and gpu rx 7600s. i get random freezes when using the laptop from using the web browser edge and chrome. I deselect the graphic acceleration in the setting. this help with the freezes on browsers. however the freezes continued with other programs such as zoom and steam.  I uninstalled AMD Adrenalin software and restarted and downloaded the last driver for my hardware. i had no issues since I uninstalled the AMD Adrenalin software.  i deleted also  ASUS armour crate software and got G-helper.