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All AMD GPU drivers that allow for a higher recording Bitrate than 50Mbps cause stuttering recorded videos.

The last driver released that does not cause stutter was 17.7.1 which has a maximum recording bitrate of 50Mbps.

Every driver since then has had a maximum recording bitrate of 100Mbps which causes stuttering recorded videos no matter what you set the Bitrate to. Even less then 10Mbps recordings have the same issue.

This problem affects multiple AMD users as multiple reports have been made here, perhaps all AMD users affected.



16GB ram @ 2400mhz


Asus Gene z97 motherboard

corsair 750w power supply

3 ssd's

Driver 17.7.1 (works fine)

1 Solution

So I finally found the problem. Relive records at 60hz and my monitor is 59.94hz by default (set by windows). How do I know this? Well I tested capturing at 60fps with OBS using software encoder and it had the exact same issue. It would stutter every 15 seconds. In OBS you can capture at 59.94 though, so I tested this and was buttery smooth.

I have created a custom resolution in Radeon Settings and changed my monitors G.Refresh Rate to 60.001 (unable to get exactly 60.000hz) and it is smooth capturing using relive at 3440x1440, 100mbps bitrate using the latest driver (18.3.4). After about 4 minutes though it eventually falls out of sync.

If possible we need to know the exact hz that Relive records at to overcome the hz mismatch between capturing and the screen refresh rate.

This post will get buried in this thread so I will create a new one here...

Relive capture produces stuttering videos due to difference between refresh rate and capture rate (5...

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Operating system: Windows 10


I would suggest you contact AMD using this form Email Form

Adept II

I have the same problem.


Ryzen R5 1600

16GB ram @ 3200mhz

RX Vega Liquid

Asus Prime X370-Pro motherboard

be quiet! 580w power supply

3 ssd's

windows 10 x64

I can not test the driver 17.7.1, no vega support.


I'm having a slightly different issue., primarily that Recording is generally fine... where-as Streaming I'm running into a weird Audio Stutter, that lasts for a few Minutes at a time before recovering.

Now at first I thought it was maybe my bandwidth., but OBS at the same Bitrate is Streaming Flawless. On top of this the Adrenalin ReLive Archive also exhibits the EXACT same Audio Issue... while there are zero dropped frames even on the 60FPS Streams.

Now the more frustrating thing is., if I try to record normally after Streaming this issue then becomes present in all Recordings until I re-log.

I'd like to use ReLive as feature wise along with the Adrenalin updates, it's definitely very useful IF / WHEN it works properly... but right now Streaming is problematic., which also can affect normal Recording... plus the need to use Voicemeeter to Resample my Headset (Xbox One Stereo) / Kinect to an "Acceptable" 44KHz Audio Stream Format., instead of ReLive supporting Native Resampling (like essentially every other app of this nature).

Also +Kingfisher... do AMD actually even check their E-Mail Support Form?

It was my understanding that they basically let go of the Support Staff in 2014 in favour of the Forums (Community Support)., which is where we're suppose to post all of our issues as the e-mail support is no longer monitored. Now the plus side of that is we're supposed to have more direct attention from the Engineering / Software Development Staff ... but that said they're as rare to see actually responding / acknowledging issues as Loot Box Rare Drops.

I'm all in favour of this approach,. just think it would be useful if there was some pinned thread of Acknowledged Issues / Pending Fixes / Future Features... so that instead of AMD essentially working in their own little bubble, the Community Feedback drives their prioritisation and focus on what are important issues to their Consumer Base.

We should given the Low Number of AMD Software Engineers, realistically be seeing more Optional (Opt-in) Beta Features before they become part of the Retail Package ... allowing rapid feedback and bug reports as early as possible to prevent issues like what have plagued ReLive from actually reaching Average Consumers who just expect features to Work almost Flawlessly. That's of course always going to be impossible, but it's a lot like Microsoft who with Windows 10 have also somewhat insulated themselves from Feedback (despite creating a dedicated feedback system) ... where again they just seem to do their own thing, consumers-be-damned.

You can't given your Consumers a Voice, only to then appear to be ignoring it.

Heck I'm sure they can hire a handful of Minimum Wage / Commission Young Adults., to essentially sift through the Forums for issues... logging them to a Knowledge Base... with particularly useful Threads being Flagged for Engineer Attention. Then every 2 - 4 weeks a roundup of all the known issues, prioritisation, release eta (given there is a Monthly Driver Update now).

I mean if you look at the Release Notes "Known Issues" it's always an absolute fraction of what's on the Forums in popular Threads.

This gives the impression that AMD neither knows / cares / paying attention. Regardless if that's true or not that's the impression it leaves.

Community Manager

What are you using to playback video?

Does the stuter occur on original playback video or after upload to YouTube or both?

Do you have instant replay enabled?

Does the issue occur on 18.1.1?

Affecting all games/recordings?

I'd be happy to try and reproduce this issue on my system below. Please let me know if the setup ive listed below should reproduce the issue?


32GB DDR4 3200Mhz

2x RX Vega 64

30Mbps Bit rate?




Also amdmatt I've been noticing that problem too, but never reported it yet.
Long time a go, I've made long playthroughs with relive "pre->50Mbps era" and it was silky smooth 60fps.
Now I've been performing some playthroughs too, and it's noticable that there is a jerkiness on the framepacing of the videos. (also that audio stutter that I've reported of the 18.1.1)
For example the video runs 60fps smooth for 10 seconds, and 3 seconds after with a weird framepacing.
This is only visible on the video, and obviosly after uploading to youtube it remains there, while on gameplay it's not noticable.

It's weird because I keep using the same settings as always 30mbps, altough changing to 50, or changing to less than 30mbps still happens in the same way.
GCN 1.0 card here (HD 7850)

I wish I could show to you, but so far I've not uploaded the videos yet, and they are too big to make it on time.
Altough what the ministerofpropaganda​ reported, I also noticed, just didn't reported it yet, because the audio stutter/inconsistency on the 18.1.1 was far more important to report since it really ruins the recordings and it's preventing me to update to more recent drivers since I want my recordings to work

I really hope you guys take a look on that, not only for me, but also for your team, relive is really great, but with this problems,  youtube users tend to notice this and it's bad marketing to reply that the problem comes from relive
People always like to point fingers to the red team and praising GreenTeam software, so don't give them reasons to

Answering to your questions:

1.Playback software: Movies & TV (W10 app), but also happens on VLC
2.Occurs on both
3.No instant replay
4. Yes, and the 18.1.1 also has audio stutter or anomalies which is a severe bug.
5. So far I've only tried in DX8/9 games, but all of them that I've tried were affected.


With the new driver 18.2.1, there ist still stuttering. It looks like certain frames are being recorded multiple.

For example:

ReLive Stuttering - YouTube

Recording settings:




For the most part it runs smoothly, but not over the whole video. It affects all games.


Tomb Raider: Underworld • Stream - YouTube

System Specifications are in the Description Box, and the Adrenalin ReLive (18.1.1) Settings are in the initial 10s of the Video.

Yes, it's a Long Format Video... but I was experimenting with it to see if I couldn't just Stream the Long-Form Sessions that I'd later download from YouTube and Slice Down into an Episodic Format. The assumption I was working on was that Streaming worked as well as Local Recording., which was working flawless for me (until I Streamed, as noted in the post above... for about 10 minutes after the Stream any Local Recordings are also affected by the same issue)

I did also have Sea of Thieves Streams as well, which I've since deleted from the Channel (but I do have the Archive Local copy still)

As a note for the Tomb Raider: Legend Longplay on the Channel, I'd cleaned the Drivers twice... as the first time I dropped back to 17.12.2 but this also had the same issues, so I rolled back further to 17.12.1 (the last Recommended). This resolved the Stutter, but something I noticed is that the Audio slowly Desynchronises by the end of the Stream (by about a second in total).

So controls for such might be an idea.

Q1. Playback?

A1. Adrenalin Connect, Xbox App, Movies & Film, and YouTube. I've also checked it in Premier Pro, and the issues are clearly visible in the MP4 Audio Track... the same is true (in 17.12.2+) with the "Separate Audio Track" Option Selected.

Q2. Does the Stutter Occur on YouTube or Original Video?

A2. Both.

Q3. Do you have Instant Replay Enabled?

A3. No

Q4. Does the issue occur on 18.1.1?

A4. 17.12.2 and 18.1.1., I'd also assume 18.2.1 given that released yesterday and highly unlikely that would've been enough time to push through any fixes.

Q5. Affecting all Games / Recordings?

A5. All Games Yes, but the issues are limited to Streaming (Twitch and YouTube is what I've tried so far) and Stream Archiving.

Typically Standard Recording is Unaffected provided I've not been Streaming, otherwise a Reboot / Re-Log is required as it will also then affect that.

Windows 10 Pro (64bit / 1709-16299.214)

Ryzen R5 1600 (Stock)

16GB DDR4 2666MHz

RX 480 4GB

Record / High Preset (30Mb) ... Stream / High Preset (3.5Mb) (Mind the Settings don't really make much difference)

Rise of the Tomb Raider (DX12) / Tomb Raider 2013 (DX11) / Tomb Raider Underworld (DX9)

1920x1080 @ 60Hz (HDR10)

Also if you're looking into this., could you PLEASE see about replacing the Audio Engine so that it will Natively Support the Microsoft Xbox Headset and Kinect. Both of these use 24KHz and 16KHz respectively, which ReLive *only* supports Devices Operating at 44 or 48KHz.

As these are LOCKED to those Frequencies (and no they can't be initialised any higher... the Kinect has 4 Channels each using 16KHz resulting in a 64KHz Total Signal, even attempting to use it with ReLive crashed CCC) with the only option being to use a 3rd Party (such-as Voicemeeter) to convert the Input Signal to a compatible Output Signal that ReLive Supports. As I'm aware there are others who've had similar issues with other Microphone Brands., ideally it would be a good idea to use MME / WSAPI to poll the Audio Input Device, then convert the Audio Stream into the appropriate Format.


Here is video showing the problem.

AMD Radeon Driver 18.2.1 Relive Stutter. - YouTube

The stutter happens roughly every 15 seconds. In the description of the video are time stamps of the first 7 occurrences of the stutter.

It doesn't matter what is used to playback the video, it stutters on everything.

The stutter occurs during the playback of the video and also after it is uploaded to Youtube.

Instant replay disabled.

The stutter occurs on all drivers released after 17.7.1

All game recordings affected regardless of game.

50Mbps is used for the recording above but lowering it to less than 10mbps makes no difference.

In the release notes for driver 17.7.2 (where recordings started to stutter) it states....

  • Now supports bitrates up to 100Mbps for recording or capturing.
  • Optimized memory usage for lower overhead while recording or capturing.

I would guess that whatever memory usage optimizations were made are the root cause of the problem.


It would be very helpful if you guys can show me a video of the issue occurring on a particular driver and working fine on an earlier driver I notice you mention it happens on all drivers after 17.7.1, can you provide two video examples of a game showing that? Appreciate it.


A side by side comparison was what I was initially trying to do but I ran in to problems after re-installing 17.7.1. Relive would not work properly.

Below is a comparison between 17.6.2 and 18.2.1.

Relive 17.6.2 vs Adrenalin 18.2.1 Stutter Comparison. - YouTube

You will notice some skipped frames using 17.6.2 but that is normal as this does seem to happen whilst playing the game. However using 18.2.1 you will notice it stutter for about 1 and half seconds every 15 seconds like clockwork.

For the record both videos were recorded at 3440x1440 60hz 50Mbps. Recording in 16:9 (1920x1080) has the same issue.

You will notice the same thing in dargo 3dc's video which he posted above. The only difference is that his video stutters roughly every 20 seconds. As he is using Vega he is unable to test 17.7.1 or earlier drivers as they do not support Vega.


Thanks, I'll use this video to open a ticket with driver engineering. Can you attach a DXDIAG report to your response? What display are you using?

I have to admit, i can't see much difference between the two. I would say the right shows slightly more of what you describe, but i also see that on the left video just not quite as a frequent. Hopefully this will be easy to reproduce.



AOC U3477PQU (3440x1440 | 75hz) connected via Display Port

Asus VN279QLB  (1920x1080 | 60hz) Connected via Display Port

Samsung TV uknown model (1920x1080 | 60hz) connected via HDMI

Having only 1 monitor connected at a time makes no difference to the stuttering. Only one monitor was being used when the recordings in the comparison video was made (AOC 21:9).

You are correct there is some stuttering in the 17.6.2 video. Now as I mentioned before there is some skipped frames during gameplay. This is after all an Unreal Engine game and therefore perhaps not the best example to use. Since reading your last comment I also have noticed in the 17.6.2 video that it does stutters every 15 seconds also but not as bad 18.2.1. It is clearly much worse in the later driver and all the drivers since 17.7.1.

To anybody that struggles to see a difference, in the youtube video first change the quality to 4K, it does help. Now focus on the trees in the distance in the 18.2.1 video. Around the 15 second mark you will see some stuttering. Now wait 15 seconds and around the 30 second mark it will stutter again, and then 15 seconds after that and so on and so forth. Next start the video again and pay attention to the other video (17.6.2) and you will notice the same thing but less aggressive.

What is needed is some Digital Foundry style analysis. I hope the driver team have the tools for the job.



It's taken a few days to find the time to do this. (18.2.1 / Stream YouTube Archive) (18.2.1 / Record) (17.12.1 / Stream YouTube Archive) (17.12.1 / Record)

I haven't uploaded the Stream Archive as they exhibit identical problems to the YouTube Archive.

What you'll notice is that 17.12.1 has substantially more dropped Frames (Stuttering) in Both Streaming and Record., which will over time introduce Audio De-synchronisation... this can of course be resolved by recording "Separate Audio Track" and then later using a Video Editor to Resolve this; but that's not really possible with Streaming, you're just stuck with it like that.

What's more is you're adding substantially more work and rendering time, on something that the previous driver didn't exhibit.

As best I can tell, the De-Sync becomes noticeable after 30mins (which makes it quite time consuming to showcase examples of).

When we look at 18.2.1 the Dropped Frames have been Minimised (although are still noticeable in Rapid Motion, see: Racing Games. Forza Motorsport 7 and Overwatch Playback Recorded Gameplay are good for testing this). Still it's something that can be lived with... what can't however is the Audio Stutter that is introduced.

With Streaming it's almost constant., while in Recordings it's less common but does occur still.

System Specs:

Ryzen 5 1600 (3.2/3.5GHz Stock)

16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2667MHz

Asus Prime B350 Plus (3803 BIOS)

RX 480 OC 4GB (1.3GHz Stock OC)

Windows HDD / 120GB SATA III SSD (520MB/s)

Storage HDD / 2TB SATA III Barracuda HDD (230MB/s)

Windows 10 (Pro) 64bit Creators Fall Update

All recording at 1920x1080 at 60 FPS

As Streaming was Added with Adrenalin there's no way to test prior to 17.12.1


Very good video of the problem, racing games are best for a demonstration.

I added an example with project cars 2.

The recording attitude are the same as obove.

Perfect video, that's exactly what happens in all my videos, with the 17.12.1 and onwards (being the onwards even worse because of the sound stuttering problem)


I found another example to demonstrate the problem well. The even camera work is very good suitable for this.

I even found another driver problem. Framelimit 60fps on FRTC works in conjunction ReLive buggy. Without relive recording FRTC works fine.


Please pay attention to the frame rate!

In the tests with the Stone Giant demo I discovered something  interesting. With rendering on 1920x1080 and recording on 1080p, the ReLive video is very good! With rendering on 2560x1440 and recording on 1080p there is again stuttering. 60fps framelimit on RTSS.


1080p rendering + 1080p recording + 60fps limit @RTSS

1440p rendering + 1080p recording + 60fps limit @RTSS

Maybe these observations will help the driver team?

Here for comparison fraps recording with 1080p rendering + 1080p recording.


I think I found the problem. Does relive have problem with resampling?

Rise of the Tomb Raider @1080p rendering and 1080p recording + vsync on.

Project Cars 2 @1080p rendering and 1080p recording + vsync on.

At Project Cars 2 are the 2-3 short stutter ingame also present.


1080p rendering + 1080p recording + 60fps limit @RTSS = no stutter

1440p rendering + 1080p recording + 60fps limit @RTSS = stutter

1440p rendering + 1440p recording + 60fps limit @RTSS = stutter

2160p rendering @VSR + 2160p recording + 60fps limit @RTSS = stutter

All recordings with 60fps and 30 Mbps. Does ReLive have a general problem with rendering resolution >1080p?


It is actually funny because those stutters you have, do happen to me even when I play at 1080P and record at 1080P.S
So not really sure what's the solution for this.


I also get the same stuttering recordings at 1080p whilst rendering at 1080p.

So far then we know that rendering and recording at 1080p has the following effect across 3 generations of GPU's...

HD 7850 2GB = stutter

Fury X 4GB = stutter

RX Vega Liquid 8GB = OK (but rendering above 1080p = stutter)

These findings along with the fact that this problem came about after the memory usage optimizations from driver 17.7.2 point to a theory that you need 8GB of vram for a smooth 1080p recording of 1080p gameplay, in which case... LOL


The new driver 18.2.2 still has the same stuttering problems on relive videos.

Journeyman III

At this rate they will never solve it.

It gives me a lot of anger because I have a RX 480 NITRO 8GB and I am happy with the video card. But the fact of not being able to record without suffering those stuttering is very frustrating.

Please. Fix this. This should not be so hard . Regards!

Journeyman III

In that video I can not see the stutter .

I put a sample where it looks perfectly. From minute 9. When batman plans on the city.

The quality is amazing, thanks to the H.265 codec but the stuttering annoys the whole experience. I thought that the captive elgato could finally retire but I can not stand those pulls in the videos. It's frustrating.

Sorry for my low level of English.


I have recorded a longer video of forza horizon 3 now.

1080p rendering vsync on + 1080p recording.

There are nevertheless occasionally small stuttering. From 05:50 it will be strange... durable stuttering to 06:32.

With HEVC recording there is this permanent stuttering already after 02:38.


In the new driver 18.2.3 still the old problems exist.


Um with newest drivers on a R7360OC 2G  or RX560OC4G recording highest bitrate on 18.2.1 Drivers on high preset no issue via stutter wise. If your running 3rd party utilities like rivertuner or Afterburner will be a huge case everytime. They conflict everytime you try record as Radeon settings trying to over ride rivertuna. My advise & from some1 who knows a few tricks. Any 1 who thinks running 3rd party programs to tune your cards dont bother your safer to use the AMD software recording wise without the 3rd party crapware. As your running all you need & more with the AMD software i dont have recording issues like very1 who uses fraps, afterburner, Rivertuner. Any of those programs will over ride what the AMD software is meant to do. Any of those 3rd party Utilitities are meant as a tool for diagnostics more not as a OC utility. I have done a few runs with diffrent drivers using Relive on a couple cards without any 3rd party software have no issues recording or steaming on a couple diffrent builds & i record to check the drivers & other issues to learnt where to tune my cards. There alot of hidden programs & tuning & OC that come standard with the AMD software. & i have always been told by the driver team that to try not using 3rd party software as will cause issues all the time direct from AMD driver team themselves. Only time i will ever use any 3rd party software is on a Crapper Nvidia card as they work on harder to find drivers, i will never use them on AMD cards as the software with the drivers work prety well together & lesson learnt from asking around.


Thanks for the info plumboby.

Would you mind posting a link to a youtube video if possible showing gameplay recorded with relive?

The more samples we have the better.

Also for the record I dont use rivatuner, afterburner or any other similar 3rd party software and my gpu has not been overclocked.


I have the stutter on relive videos also without msi afterbuner.That´s not it.


neither has mine i got the OC model just for the extra frequency no point OC as they self OC as you need it once i get mine fully sorted i will be throwing up U Tube postings of Relive & my recording to prove. I just had hardware issue & a few things which has limited my testing atm tho i get a spare few hrs i will be uploading to help the community.


Unistall Afterburner. Only run the radeon software only thing i am running. Running 3rd party software like after burner will always conflict drivers. Does it with Nvidia cards as they need the help to open up. Running Andrenaline on 18.2.1 drivers & having no issues running relive. I got three or so games i will go for a quick run up for an hr or so & post some links. Never had problems with relive all my videos have been smooth & clean. My stepsons Asus 650ti OC is showing its age & Nvidia drivers are horrible his shadowplay isnt as crisp. Tho i did a test run of his Stopgap card for Streaming & testing. I scored a Gigabyte R7360OC 2G & ran it up to eleiminate a issue i was having on my build. Gave Sniper Elite4 running High on recording agressive at 100 Mbps & settings i run with my card & pulled a smooth recording i was impressed. Its a conflict & i bet a 3rd party software as they have a tendancy if using OC from another tool. I will throw some screenshots of my settings to. Links i will upload in the next 24hrs or so as havnt uploaded any more to my channel. When i do my next videos i will show my settings i run to. I havnt unlocked my card yet & havnt bothered i run Spotify in the background of some games when i am gaming & on all drivers to late have been smooth apart from server lag on some games, not Relive but its the server as i live in NZ. Neaver had issues capture perfect as i played.


heres a link that i just uploaded more videos are uploading throughout some tests tho i gota work my day time job.


adding the newest as i go


Nice one Plumboby.

I do see stuttering in that video but I don't see a pattern. In all honesty you might not notice it in a game like Sniper Elite because the action is stop and start. Periods where it could be stuttering but there is nothing moving on the screen so its hard to tell. Plus juddering mouse movement could be mistaken for stuttering.

You can see an example of stuttering that the rest of us are getting in your video around 6:55 as you run past the light. That stuttering is not due to a GPU bottleneck because you also run past that light at 5:55 and it was fine.

In that video it is hard to distinguish between the GPU not being able to push 60 frames, stuttering mouse movement and Relive recording stuttering. Ideally when testing for this it is best to use a game that you know runs a solid 60fps and doesn't rely on mouse movement. Sniper Elite could be a good example if your machine is capable running it at a solid 60fps and you use a controller to smoothly and slowly spin on the spot for a couple of minutes.


i use mouse keyboard on a i5 2400 with 8gig ram & Sapphire pulse RX560 OC 4G recorded on high settings. I wasn't pushing it either & was uploading as i was playing. Sniper Elite 4 is a game where if your going to notice it you will. Frames are capped to 60fps & above. I was only messing round playing to wasn't really pushing it. Both cards did prety well considering & i dont have any bottlenecks as i play The witcher 3 with all DLC with no issues either. I dont use controllers by the way i play old school how i play. If there was a stuttering issue i would have noticed it more with some of my other games i play & i play alot of weird mix of new & old games i record as i go or if i feel like it. Considering the age of my build & the buget pig build it is its goes as good as any high end mainstream build. I find more of the studdering comes from The high end mainstream builds, tho going to test the R7 in its proper build its going in tonight i just done a fire up to test it with the drivers to eliminate an issue i had driver & hardware wise to eliminate a problem & R7 test was the giggles test to see how it went. I just been busy with alot of other stuff going on but going do some more testing in the next week or so to see. My proper card is the sapphire i use & on base tune in I still havnt properly trashed it yet or run it up properly since i over come my issues. Gota pluck the boys old crapvidia 650ti soon as he does alot of beta testing for Rockstar & Ubisoft. His build is an intel i3 4150 8gig ram & i will be putting this Gigabyte R7 360OC 2G with the same drivers to test. He will tell me if it studders or lags on his recordings as he does alot of testing so i will find out soon anyway. Any more results or videos will post them from his build to see if its your end or driver related issue. I am trying to help as much as i can he will to he plays GTA5 & a few others games so be interesting to see what results pop up.


Thats great. Nothing wrong with being "old school" but it doesn't help in this case. We need video examples of gameplay with constant smooth movement to be able to determine whether it shows the the same or similar stuttering characteristics of other videos posted in this thread. A racing game would be a good example or GTA.


if in doubt check all my other videos as you go as i only load them up as a rough guide. I am open & honest with my recording as its a gauge to see where things are going write or wrong. Open to critasiuim to see where i am going wrong i usually load up for the giigle more & half the time i usually running Spotify in the back ground for most my main unlocked games as its a better way to pass time & play around. Give me a few weeks to do some full in depth testing & i will throw up the settings of the games I am running etc once i get my family stuff sorted to try help.


I did a Dying Light run mess around last night dunno how picky you are but i record as i play it doesn't bother me


Those really are realistic games you were playing. Really nice graphics. Nice video recording.


The first video stutters roughly every 10 seconds. Its the same as my recordings but worse because it happens more often. Watch from around the 30 second mark. It will stutter at 38 seconds and then 48 seconds and then about 57. It does that throughout the whole video.

So far then thats...

HD 7850 2GB

RX 560 4GB

Fury X 4GB

RX Vega Liquid

... all having relive stuttering issues. That's pretty much 4 out of the last 5 generations of GPU. We are just missing 290/390.


The new driver 18.3.1 brings no improvement.