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Aggrevating infoless popups every time I load a game. Thanks Radeon settings 2020. Please don't fix it, if it aint broke!

Every time I load up a game, I get this, 2 TIMES, with absolutely NO INFO to help out.  the only info I get is the fact that in task manager these "warnings" are shown as processes under Radeon Settings.    I have a strong suspicion this could have something to do with some stupid, streaming, sharing or other stupid overlay or metrics garbage.   Here's an idea, why don't you just offer a reliable, bloat free and well performing VIDEO DRIVER as an alternative to this junk.   You might just find that you don't have as many performance issues and errors if you stop trying to cater too much to 13 year old gamers who live to brag online and post three hour long screen casts of them playing their favorite game.  

Note: Not everyone thinks RGB is awesome, and some people just like to game, and enjoy gaming WHILE GAMING, and not post it, share it, or obsess over metrics.

      Between you guys and Windows, I don't know who's doing more to make my PC worse! 

BTW:  If your suggestion is reinstall Windows again,  then don't bother.


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