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AGESA / BIOS Documentation

Can AMD provide documentation for their AGESA / BIOS settings?
I look through my ASRock B350 BIOS and they have an enormous number of settings in the Advanced section that appear to be laid out in a way, or at least named, directly from AMD.
Of course the tradition continues where the Description fields either just show the name of the item selected or provide some cryptic information nobody understands, incredibly annoying!

I haven't seen any motherboard manufacturers provide comprehensive documentation for these settings, so they're basically useless - other than guessing what they're supposed to do, so why even bother creating them in the first place...?


Source: ASRock AB350M Pro4 Review | TechPowerUp

I've asked for information like this many times over the years and it always gets ignored.

So AMD, how about you actually support enthusiasts with some documentation, talk is cheap...

... Also, what ever happened to the page that had the AGESA changelog?

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