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Journeyman III

After updating to 20.5.1 CPU Usage rides high

Hi there I've updated to the latest optional driver and notice that there is now a constant background CPU usage.  Oddly it's not directly from the Radeon drivers from what I can tell.

Instead I'm seeing a lot more activity from Windows Defender - it's using about 10 - 15% CPU constantly after the update to the 20.5.1 drivers.  Is anyone else experiencing something similar.  It's causing a constant _flicker_ with the mouse pointer on screen with the little blue "busy" halo flickering on and off next to the pointer constantly - even if I'm not doing much of anything with the computer.

Windows 10, latest updates applied, etc. etc.  I'm on slightly older hardware - an A10-7850K, and an R7 discrete GPU which are configured to use Crossfire:

AMD Radeon R7 Graphics + R7 200 Dual Graphics

It's really quite annoying to suddenly see the CPU usage rest at around 10% _all the time_.  Anybody else having similar issues with the newer drivers?  Any suggestions?

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Adept I

Same here, still from 20.5.1 I have high CPU usage 10-20% and "compatibilities" in Radeon don't showing what GPU and CPU Im running on. 20.4.2 are last working drivers for me without this issue. Did you fix it somehow?