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Journeyman III

After turn on laptop, radeon software show NSIS error

radeon error.PNG


Hello, after i install the amd radeon software .... the NSIS error show up after i turn on my laptop.... can someone help me?

2 Replies

1) Empty your Download folder

2) Scan machine with antivirus (the one that came with Windows if you don't have others)

3) type cmd to Windows search, right click Command Prompt, run as administrator

type chkdsk /F and let it run

type sfc /scannow and let it run (fixed a typo)

exit command prompt

4) type  Disk to Windows search, click Disk Cleanup -> Ok -> Clean up system files -> select all files in the list and let it run

5) Download driver uninstaller and run it

6) Download driver from and let it download all the way before clicking anything. Once fully downloaded, install driver.

7) Reboot

MadZyren gave you generally the same troubleshooting tips as this website that I commonly use. Just don't download their software to fix. but the information is valid:

This is what Appauls mentions that can cause your NSIS Error during installation:


An NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) error is an error that appears when you’re trying to install something, but the setup file is in some way corrupt or incomplete or if it doesn’t match the settings on your system. The message NSIS error – Error launching installer means that the installer has failed the self-check because it has been modified from its original form. If the installation continues, the software will be broken and won’t function properly.

To prevent this, the installer prevents itself from continuing.

There are a few situations where you might encounter such an error:

  1. The files for the software you have downloaded from the internet aren’t complete
  2. The physical media (CD/DVD) you’re installing from is damaged
  3. The downloaded files have been modified and are different from the original
  4. Required hardware, such as the CD or DVD drive, is not working
  5. You have a virus on your computer

Found this tech site that gives detail step by step troubleshooting tips including  in case you don't know which software is causing your NSIS error:

Screenshot 2022-10-25 110322.png