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Re: After sleep mode graphics are not responding/freezing

Sorry to hear about your trouble. While you are having a similar issue you have very different systems from the OP and likely not necessarily the same underlying issues.

Usually the hardwired sleep functions on a laptop are just not the same as desktops, although the Windows OS's interference in proper sleep functions is similar. 

Certainly driver issues can cause problems too. As well as corruption from 3rd party tweakers. 

Luckily getting things fixed up again you can follow a pretty standard play book unless you truly do have a real driver or hardware issue but most the time you just have to get updated and reset to proper defaults. 

First I would ask a couple questions :

Is your Windows updated fully to 1809 with all updates installed even optional?

Is your laptop with bios and drivers fully up to date from this support page for your laptop?

ROG Strix GL702ZC Driver & Tools | Laptops | ASUS USA 

Once you know that is done lets talk about trying to fix this issue if possible. 

Download the latest driver for your GPU and have it ready.

Download DDU from wagnardsoft_com and have it ready.

Now uninstall AFTERBURNER and any other cpu or gpu tweaking software you have installed that is not from AMD.

These softwares are known to conflict with the drivers causing many issues. Afterburner in particular is the worst about this, not that it is bad software just bad while trying to fix an issue.

I realize you want to get the most out of your laptops performance and once we have you running correctly again you can do  as you choose and tinker with it again if you want. AMD does not recommend you do this as they provide all the tools in the driver to optimize you products within specification. On a laptop you can very quickly get out of control causing issues if not permanent problems. Not saying that you have done that but this needs to be removed forever just for at least the duration of getting you running correctly again. Just removing a variable. I wold however strongly recommend not using it and using the settings available within Radeon Settings. You can do what works for you though once things are running well again. 

I highly recommend you disable Windows 10 Fast Startup and Hibernation. If not both at least Fast Startup. As in caches old data including old driver information that corrupts drivers as Windows loads. If you chose to enable it again after all is running well again you you can do that. If you are on an SSD you absolutely don't need it at all IMHO. It only causes issues. 

Now disconnect from the Internet  and run DDU from safe mode. Follow the included instructions it explains all of this. 

Once rebooted, stay disconnected from the Internet. Re-Install the GPU driver. Choose clean install if available. If it isn't an option that's good as DDU already cleaned everything up. 

Test things out and if all is well I would recommend running the machine a few days before tweaking things again. 

If not report back here and I would also at that point look for some help from you laptops maker on the issue. 

You can ask AMD support for help here if you like but on those laptops they have a lot of custom hardware under the hood that the laptop makers know best. 

AMD support:  Online Service Request | AMD