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Journeyman III

After Reinstalling AMD Radeon Software

After Reinstalling AMD Radeon Software my PC continues to crash after about 15-20 minutes of playing call of duty warzone... Not really sure why this is happening but i can only assume it has to do with the software or drivers... I have an Arsock 6800xt ( Let me know what yall think the issue is... Ontop of that this GPU is loud as heck for no reason... 

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Adept III

Was it crashing prior to the software reinstall? And by loud, do you mean the fans are hitting 100%? Are you running an OC on the card or any other component? What do you have for a power supply? Are you using individual PCIe cables or are you running the pigtail 8+8? Are you using a riser cable? Is it only happening in that specific game? What are the GPU and Junction temps while the game is running? 

A bit more info is needed to really help narrow down the cause.


Hey friend! No it was not crashing prior to the reinstall. I dont think the fans are hitting 100% i think it might just be bad airflow from my case... NZXT H510. No OC of any kind on anything.  Super Flower Leadex III Gold 850 W 80+ Gold is my PS. Running the 8+8 that came with the powersupply. I have no idea what a riser cable is if ima be honest. Havent tried out any other games since then but I wouldnt be suprised if it was only that game. GPU temps are pretty normal like 66-75 C.


My full build if you have more questions about it: