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Journeyman III

After installing StoreMI can't view any information about the disks on any application

A few days ago, I decided to give StoreMI a try and installed it. It got installed correctly, without any errors. After restarting the PC, I noticed that I can't use StoreMI because my SSD had data and partitions, etc., (something I should've checked before installing). I closed the program and went back to using my PC. However, after several minutes, when I checked the HD Sentinel it showed only a question mark instead of health and temperature values. 

Like this. I have one SSD and two HDDs in my system. All three had the same problem. I restarted the PC multiple times, it didn't fix anything. Then I uninstalled HDSentinel, restarted again and re-installed it again. This partially fixed the problem in HDSentinel. HDDs went back to normal with showing their temperature and health values, but SDD was still the same. I have Windows installed on SSD btw and it has chronic overheating issues. So it was important for me to monitor those values. I also tried CrystalDiskInfo and it's worse:


It can't even show any information about the HDDs. It simply doesn't detect any? I don't get it.

What might have caused all this? How can I fix it?

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