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After fresh driver install (Vega 56), "two" monitors, but there ist only one Monitor.


After the fresh installation of the software for Vega 56, I have "two" monitors.
The Primary Desktop is a non-existent "2160x1200" monitor. This is a particular problem because all windows appear on this nonexistent monitor!
Also the newly opened window with the display settings.
I have to use the mouse in the non-existing monitor image to fish for the window.
This is a bug, not an individual problem.

Windows 10, H110M-ITX/ac, i5-6500, 16GB 2133 RAM.

I found the reason.
In the Windows display settings, no name of "Monitor" is displayed.
This is seen in the Radeon settings (Alt + R).
It's the HTC Vive. After the first launch of the HTC Vive the "monitor" disappears.
I could have deleted this post, but it remains a bug.
This does not happen with nVidia.

The HTC Vive (and possibly other VR goggles) should not be recognized as a monitor. The problem of opening the primary non-existent monitor on the window remains.
You have to "fish" for the window.

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