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Journeyman III

After enabling SVM from BIOS display driver stops working

I am Using Lenovo Ideapad 330, with AMD Ryzen 5 2500U with Radeon vega mobile Gfx, with Windows 10 Pro. for installing docker to my system I require Virtualization enabled for my system so I am enabling it from BIOS and it shows enabled in TaskManager, but when I enable SVM from BIOS, my AMD display driver stops working and in the system tray, it shows no display driver found Need help regarding this issue

System details


After enabling SVM from BIOS


Device manager


Using the latest Display driver from official AMD website


#graphi driver


#virtualization technology (amd-v)


2 Replies

can you post the exact Make & Model of your laptop or Serial Number?

Have you tried finding out if there are any BIOS updates to your laptop?

It is best to use your laptop manufacturer's AMD Graphics driver rather than AMD Generic driver since the Laptop driver is 100% compatible with your laptop.

Does you laptop have a discrete GPU card besides the Vega integrated Graphics?

I see that in device Manager it is show "Unknown Device" which could be your discrete GPU card not having any drivers.

All of the above can be answered when you post the exact Make & Model of your laptop or Serial Number.

Journeyman III

I have the exact same problem. Had to reset my bios to defaults to figure out which setting Caused this, but whenever I enable SVM in bios, the AMD VGA driver does not load because there was an error with the device. 

Mainboard: gigabyte aorus B650M elite ax with latest bios

CPU: Ryzen 7900X3D


The driver loads fine again when I go into the bios and disable SVM again.


I need docker support, so I am dependant on this feature to work. Did anyone solve this yet?