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Adept I

AFMF request: FPS cap or Vsync after FG

Dear Team,


I am impressed about the afmf in january preview driver. It works almost perfectly now.

While in freesync range of the monitor I have even frametimes and no more stuttering or tearing.

However if only 1 fps over freesync range, in my case only 120 fps, tearing reappears.

It would be perfect if you could get fps cap working after fg to limit it to max fps of the monitor. Of course, Vsync would also be very nice if not better...

For 120 fps I could only stay within if limiting base fps to 60 hz which is too low. I would like to use my 70-80 base and boost it to 120 which would just be perfect.

I use DQHD so 240 Hz wont work with HDMI 2.1 and HDR and be very costly. 144 Hz on the other hand will also be reached fast with FG and tearing reappears - and 22 fps would not be worth a > 1000 € Monitor upgrade.

I think there are many 120 fps monitors out there. 120 fps is more then enough and a very nice upshift from 70 or 80 base if you could get it working without tearing.


Thank you very much for consideration, maybe it is on your list already? Would appreciate it very much!



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Journeyman III

Definitely would be the finishing touch, basically making it only make frames up to the monitor sync with VSYNC on, or hell even throw the extra frames away just help me out with the screen tearing lol. I don't have a VRR monitor at the moment so it's VSYNC for me.