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Adept I

Advanced Micro Devices, lnc. - Display - 27.20.21020.7001 disable display

Hi guys. 

I have a hP Pavilion Aero 13.3 and i install AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 22.6.1.

 I install and then windows updates install the driver Advanced Micro Devices, lnc. - Display - 27.20.21020.7001 and the monitor goes all black except for the mouse arrow. I am forced to restore the system to get back to normal.
Can anyone help me?


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First you need to disable Windows Update from installing Drivers in your laptop.

There several laptop models so you will need to post the exact Make & Model and APU Processor and GPU card inside your laptop plus Windows Version installed and BIOS version.

If you don't know then download and run SPECCY which will show all the hardware and software installed in your laptop.



My Pc is HP Pavilion Aero 13.3 inch Laptop PC 13-be0000.

My monitor, not very often, flashes, but only once in a while.
It's nothing that prevents it from working properly, but I find it strange and hence think it's from the drivers.

The optional updates are turned off, but the one I mentioned, is installed automatically whenever I install the adrenalin software


Your specs on this machine are telling me that it has a Ryzen 5 5600U with AMD integrated SoC chipset. 

The video graphics are AMD Radeon Graphics integrated.  This leads me to question if these integrated graphics are even compatible with the 22.6.1 since HP does not give a specific indication of the model of Radeon Graphics other than "Integrated".  So if your simply downloading from AMD Drivers support and go to the "Integrated Graphics" section.  The only drivers I can find in this section are Windows 7 at the latest.  

Your going to have to simply download and install the drivers from HP Support and live with it, unless they provide what model other than "integrated" is in this laptop.

I don't know what model of Radeon drivers you installed, but a suggestion might be the Radeon R5600M drivers and see if that works.

Wish I could be more help.



Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"

Use the HP provided graphics drivers.

Journeyman III

Exactly the same machine, exactly the same problem with this driver - black screen and no way to access Windows. This is a serious problem, since as the OP wrote, the only way to solve it is to return to a restore point - if you have one. And by the way, even if you switch off automatic downloads in system hardware options, Windows Update still insists on installing new AMD display drivers. 


You must use group edit and tell windows not to update the drivers or this will continue to happen to you.

Journeyman III

Update. This is how I solved this problem

Once you have rolled back to a functional restore point, go to

In the searchbox type 30.0.15021.11005 and press Enter.

Download the appropriate driver - for Windows 11, this is Windows 10, 21H2. 

Use Device Manager to install the new driver.  If you don't know how to do this, please ask someone - it is pretty straightforward.

I don't know how to do that xS the type of file is Cab and i cant install that