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Journeyman III

Adrenalion Wattman reverts to stock (unable to sync) with Aorus AD27QD qhen waking PC after sleep

I own a Radeon VII connected to a Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD.
My graphics config is Freesync On, 144Hz, 8bit colour range, 2160*1440.
Normally I set my Radeon Wattman to Custom/AutoUndervolt.
When the system starts, this works, but if the PC goes to sleep, after waking it I got a message saying there was a sync problem and the resolution could not be determined so the settings will be reverted to default (so the wattman settings revert to "manual" (or stock)and I am unable to change this until next reboot).
My Adrenalin Suite version is 19.5.2 (latest), but this happens with older versions too.
I have the feeling it is a Monitor issue, since before this monitor, the Radeon VII worked well, with no issues with an Acer XG270HU (1440, 144Hz).
But still, I wanted to asked you about tips to resolve this issue. It has become an annoying bug (for months now).
Best regards

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