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Journeyman III

Adrenaline Software 24.4.1 Constantly Crashing

 I Have a brand new System with a RX 6750 XT 12GB. Built in March and I haven't been able to use it at all because I get Display Driver Timeouts just by clicking on an app. I have done every single thing I've read in every Reddit, Support Fourm, AND nothing will stop it. The Driver Timeouts will happen less than 5 seconds apart sometimes and i won't even be finished with my first crash report. NOTE: It Will not BackDate any of My drivers because i have already Clean wiped my Adrenaline Software Multiple times using both DDU and AMD Utility Clean. Only time I've ever owned anything AMD and it will definitely be the only time.



AMD Ryzen 5 5500 3.60 GHz

TUF Gaming B450- Plus II

Raedon RX 6750 XT 12GB

T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 32GB 

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Adept II

It's a longshot but you could do a clean install of Windows with internet disabled.

Without any internet connection you can install motherboard drivers, reboot, screen drivers, reboot, an older version of Adrenalin say the later 22 versions, disable driver updates for Windows Update, reboot and enable internet.

This could lock in a working AMD driver and stop Windows Update from interfering with it.

Adept II

I have an RX 7900 XT and on 24.1.1 Adrenaline crashes every time Hyper-RX is enabled, namely, Fluid motion frames.