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Journeyman III

Adrenaline overlay notification

Hello, I am repeatedly getting the following notification in the adrenaline app:


Even when I clear the notification, it appears as unread again.

Please, how to disable it?

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Journeyman III

6600 XT user here,

I have also this issue since last 2 or 3 drivers and it always appears there. In terms of drivers and software, AMD has become a nightmare recently...

Adept I

This is driving me crazy, I disabled the hotkey for alt-r then an alt-z reminder started appearing. Then I disabled hotkeys completely (even though I would like to use them) and I still get these notifications.


I use Adrenaline as a launcher because I like to see my game stats so I can ensure nothing weird is happening but this notification appears at the start of a session and then will appear during a session.


Please make it stop, I remember the hotkey!


Screenshot 2024-05-28 174646.png

Volunteer Moderator

I just assumed it populated with that every boot. It's not bothering me, so I just don't mess with it. LOL

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