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Adrenaline has been crashing in the background

Every version of the driver I have used I have experienced the Radeon software (Adrenaline?) crash when in the app and also in the background (only noticeable when using the overlay) with my Sapphire 5700xt Pulse.  I had learned to live with it, as I don't use the overlay much, and I'm not interested in overclocking my card (Wattman would always crash).  With the 19.12.2 driver though, when Adrenaline crashes it also makes Battlefield V crash, which is a big problem for me.  Rage 2 seemed fine with the new driver (besides flickering colors at high refresh rates), but I am not sure since the overlay doesn't work with it.  I only tested those two games before reverting to 19.10.something, which I didn't have a problem with in Battlefield.

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