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Journeyman III

Adrenaline driver conflicts

In my system there are 2 video cards, one of them AMD Radeon HD 5670, and the second RX 580. HD 5670 I only use to make the second display work, but for reasons I don't understand, the Adrenaline driver deactivates the 5670 drivers and my computer simply doesn't see the second display, besides, it shows that the 5670 has "The drivers for this device are not installed.", I tried to completely clean the computer from AMD programms using AMD CleanUp Utility. After that I installed the driver for 5670, which was successfully installed and the second display turned on in perfect order, then put Adrenaline and everything goes back to the beginning. Even if during the installation of Adrenaline you uncheck the box from removing the previous drivers, this doesn't affect the result in any way. I demand the correction of this misunderstanding! I spent a lot of time fixing this error, because I believed that the problem was in physical devices, but as it turned out, not at all! Even if you try to install the same driver after installing Adrenaline it will not work.

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Journeyman III

You have 2 choices:

1) Run dissimilar graphics providers (AMD, nVidia and/or Intel); OR

2) Make sure all cards are supported by the SAME driver

Mixing and matching drivers from the same vendor doesn't seem to work.

I tried two AMD cards at the same time, and then two nVidia cards at the same time. All of these cards were supported by different versions of their respective drivers. Windows gave me Error 31.

Special note about APUs: If you have an Intel iGPU, enable it in the BIOS. If you have an AMD iGPU, make sure it's supported by the same version of driver as your RX 580.

That would be my suggestion.