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Journeyman III

adrenaline crashing games

after countless days of wondering why my games just mysteriously crash, i recently discovered that the adrenaline software has been causing my games to crash with no error reports at all , i checked the windows event viewer today and found this specific dll "atio6axx.dll" , since installing the driver for my rx580 8gb oc xfx edition without adrenaline the issue is resolved, this shouldn't even be happening let alone trying to force software / bloatware that effects its performance onto the consumer.  

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I had an RX 580 the driver I found most stable is 22.3.1, which is a WHQL recommended driver.

Try that one and don't use the optional drivers, unless you are able to troubleshoot and find solutions.

Use the AMD software uninstaller or DDU to remove traces of AMD and do a clean install.

PC specs inc PSU should be provided, so people can help better.

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