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Adept I

ADRENALINE 2020 - Where are the BEZEL CORRECTION controls for EYEFINITY ???


I am the faithful caustomer of AMD for already 25 years. I own MSI Vega 56 stock GPU. Today I installed the Adrenaline 2020 v19.12.2 software/driver suite. I use multiple displays for the scientific work - it is essential to me. I use dual HP 24" displays via DisplayPort in Eyefinity - the ideal resolution after setting up the bezel correction for my displays is 3890x1080@60Hz.


My complete project is on hold now, I am stuck with the default 3840x1080px resolution and I CANNOT MAKE ANY BEZEL CORRECTIONS !!


When I saw that Adrenaline 2020 finally came out, I expected that it will finally have new and precise Eyefinity bezel settings - because the previous ones we used were crappy based on ancient Catalyst Control Center, and we had to spend 30 minutes in moving that big yellow triangle left-right until finally hitting the setting that we want !

To my horrible surprise - there are NO bezel controls now at all !

This is a huge oversight on the part of AMD !

I hope that this will be resolved as soon as possible, PUTNIK

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Adept I

After trying to update to 19.12.2 and getting 1604 or unknown errors, I used the AMD removal tool (PRO TIP: DONT EVER USE THIS -complete and utter garbage), which made things worse.

I then used DDU (PRO TIP#2:  It actually works).  Proceed to install, and it works a champ.  Great.   Go in to configure settings bezel correction?

Come on AMD....Really? 

No bezel correction?


Dear scythe,

Thank you - I found it.

But what an utter bull this is...

Up until this moment I used the ancient Catalyst Control Panel that I installed after Adrenaline 2020 just to be able to manage the bezels.

Now, I started the EyefinityPro.exe and it is polished, finally a better interface...I'll now go, remove the Catalyst and set up my bezels trough the EyefinityPro.

It is a solution - but please AMD...integrate that into the Adrenaline 2020 suite- under the AMD Eyefinity option design the "Advanced Settings" button in Photoshop and make it start this EXE file, thus enabling users to perform the bezel correction without the hassle of searching the forums in an attempt to find out what to do and where to look !

I can mod your software and do it in a day - you surely can do it in 60 minutes (including the software recompilation) !

Best Regards, MILAN PUTNIK

I found the EyefinityPro.exe file within \Program Files\WindowsApp\..., but it is only 419kb and when I try to launch it, I get a Windows error "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. I've tried running it as administrator and it still gives the same error.


I dont know why the hell youre in some random folder. I specifically stated what folder the file is in.

As previously said almost six months ago,

"""A "fix" that I found is actually AMDs own program. Go to "C:\Program Files\AMD\Cnext\Cnext\". There youll see a program called "eyefinitypro"""""

Youre not supposed to have permission to mess with the whole "apps" system in Windows 10. Its owned by the system and you only have permission to list the directories, not write and execute files. The access type for the administrator account is literally "List folder contents"


Sorry. I must not have read that far when I looked for eyefinitypro. I just searched windows explorer for it, and that's the only file that it returned. I later found it in the appropriate place when I read further through the thread. Thanks for responding and sorry (again) to take up your time.

Adept II

Its totally missing from what I can find. 

From my experience, AMD knew that their bezel correction was failing on windows insider builds and chose to ignore the problem instead of fix it. 

It would cause windows to BSOD every time it went to apply the correction with  "Thread stuck in device driver" no matter how many times i DDUd, reinstalled windows, etc. (This issue persisted across multiple machines with different configurations for over a year, so GG, amd)

A "fix" that I found is actually AMDs own program. Go to "C:\Program Files\AMD\Cnext\Cnext\". There youll see a program called "eyefinitypro"

Its what the Radeon Pro drivers use for their eyefinity configuration, and I had tested it with a Vega FE. It also works on the RX Vega, so I'd assume it works everywhere.

It sucks but amd is going for flashy features instead of decent software. 

This is probably my last amd card unless they get their crap together.

fwiw on my daily driver machine, I have 3 4k monitors in eyefinity on DP. My horizontal offset is 100px, equating to an eyefinity resolution of 11720x2160, compared to 11520x2160/

Found it, but it only points me to windows Display.  I can choose a lower resolution, but there is nothing I can find that will do the bezel least on this RX590.

You have to click on the display in the first panel.

like such 4439340d-2911-40d1-a711-fe9148022502269c5caba4.png

Adept I


Thank you, I did play around with the eyeinfinitypro file, but decided to just go back to the driver I was using before.  I am done with AMD.  Will be picking up an Nvidia 2070 or 2080 super after the holidays.

Adept I

Greetings everybody,

After extensive testing in both compute and 3D tasks, I am concluding that the driver version v19.12.2 of Adrenaline 2020 IS NOT STABLE ENOUGH !

I was experiencing random CTDs and BSODS in random and various specific tasks that are CPU/GPU/RAM/SSD intensive.

It is the same on all of my workstations.

They are tuned to the absolute perfection since they need to run perfectly for weeks without an end.

No restarts...and not to even mention CTDs or BSODs.!

The operating system on all of them are up-to-date Windows 10 and the latest Windows Server editions, all updated, extensively tested for months to the every last bit of component and with the least amount of 3rd party software in order to accomplish such stability.

The systems comprise of i7 generation 6, 7 and 8 processors, famous lines of Kingston DDR4 RAM memory, well known models of Kingston SSD drives and Vega line of GPUs.

In each and every case of BSOD or CTD, the culprit was radeonsoftware.exe or any of the modules associated with it.

I had to revert back to the v19.12.1 in order to regain the stability I had.

I look forward to a fully stable release - the new software suite looks and feels great - but the AMD colleagues need to work more on it.

All the best ! MILAN PUTNIK


Get your own topic, but also why are you running gaming drivers on workstations? Go get the enterprise drivers.

I have legitimately not had a single crash or bsod since installing adrenaline 2020, but the new settings interface is clunky as hell. I hate it and want Radeon settings back. The drivers carry the same bugs as theyve had for the past couple months.



I'll just give the answer on this.

I use these drivers on workstations because they run the professional flight simulator platform for student pilots - which is technically a DX11 application same as other D3D games.

It is the most demanding D3D "game" that I have ever used.

Alas, I also experienced crashes and glitches in 3D Studio MAX installed on Windows 10 on one of those workstations.

All in all, the suite is just not polished and not stable enough- although I know that it will be and it shall work really good.

Yesterday reverted back to v19.12.1 and everything is rock-stable again.

Ah, I see. That makes sense then. I do not have 3dsMax, but I do use SolidWorks pretty frequently and have yet to have an issue with it. Its unfortunate that AMDs driver team has been letting the quality slip over the past few years, but at least you have it working again.

Adept I

AMD needs to do a LOT of work on their drivers.  19.2.2 should have NEVER been released in it's current state, or it should have been released as a beta.

Journeyman III

It’s 2019 and Amd don’t think anyone runs more than a one monitor setup....I had to roll back to 19.8.1 with much frustration because even 19.8.1 would not not save my bezel corrected setups in eyefinity easily. It took an hour just to get it to recognize my correction values.........what a joke.

i have just bought my fist Amd gpu RX5700 after many years with nvidia..... I think this is my first and last AMD card.....shame really because the card is great, software however is terrible ....


Adept I

At least you have an option to create an eyefinity desktop.  I don't see that.  Had to use EyefinityPro but that has no Bezel or Custom Desktop controls.  


It ***does*** have bezel correction. I literally posted a picture that shows exactly how to do it. If you want to get your custom eyefinity resolution back, go to c:\program files(x86)\amd\cnex\cccslim or whatever it is and run CCC. 

Adept I I finally got the official answer from AMD:



RE: Eyefinity Bezel Settings !?? via   6:27 AM (10 hours ago)

Dear Milan,

Your service request : SR #{ticketno:[820******0]} has been reviewed and updated.

Response and Service Request History:

Thank you for your email

There will be no more bezel compensation option with the latest driver. I will take your email as a feedback and I will forward your feedback onto engineering team for future consideration.    

Thanks for contacting AMD. 

In order to update this service request, please respond without deleting or modifying the service request reference number in the email subject or in the email correspondence below.

Please Note: This service request will automatically close if we do not receive a response within 10 days and cannot be reopened.

If it is not feasible to respond within 10 days, feel free to open a new service request and reference this ticket for continued support.

Best regards,


AMD Global Customer Care



Is this some kind of joke...?

Did I suddenly spawn within the middle of a twilight zone ???


Two things.

One, thats absolutely ridiculous. Shame on you AMD.

Two, sorry, I didnt realize that you were the original poster, I thought you were a random user coming in trying to change the topic earlier. 

As far as AMD goes,

Come the hell on. Whats the deal with you guys?

You sit here trying to claim youre providing tomorrows technology today, yet you constantly push flashy buzzword features and break/remove actually useful ones. 

This is the last straw. Eyefinity is unusable without bezel compensation. 

Even though Nvidia doesnt support bezel compensation with 3 4k displays, I will most certainly be dropping you guys for them.

This crap has gone on for far too long. It took you two years to figure out the "elevated clocks" while using relive with vega, and then it came right back with the vii, still apparently unfixed. You guys really need to get your heads out of your rear and produce some actual professional software.

I love what you guys are for, you provide grounds for technological evolution for everyone, paving the way for new memory technology, VESA standards, etc, but your driver team and whoevers making the executive decisions for it needs to fricking go.

I agree with your post that you either deleted or was removed 100%

Its really a damn shame that AMD is letting themselves go to such trivial things.