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Journeyman III

adrenaline 2020 fullscreen glitching

so after updating to 19.12.2, some games, when set to fullscreen output, will rapidly minimize and maximize over and over again for several seconds, before finally permanently minimizing, at this point my secondary monitor will black out and no longer be recognized, and any window that was using hardware acceleration will be greyed out. while trying to bring up the radeon settings simply gives me an error saying the driver is corrupt. either restarting the computer or rerunning the installer fixes this until I run one of the affected games again, which causes a repeat of the behavior. for now I have switched back to using 19.12.1, which does not have this issue

the most notable games I've had this issue with thus far are BABA is YOU and SRB2

GPU: Sapphire R9 Fury
CPU: R7 2700x

OS: Windows 10 pro 1909

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