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Journeyman III

Adrenaline 20.8.2 Not Detecting Flight Simulator 2020

Adrenaline scans my system but does not detect that I have MS Flight Simulator 2020 installed so that I can take advantage of a profile set for the game (Windows 10 64-bit, Ryzen 3700x, Radeon 5700 XT).  I also cannot manually add the game.  Any advice?  Thanks.

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Adrenalin not auto detecting a game isn't unusual.

I have never had a problem manually adding a game though.

What problems are you encountering when trying to manually set it up?

Adept I

Same problem here. Cannot add manually since it´s a Windows store app and the real executable has some weird ownership which I´m reluctant to change. (i. e. it gives an error message when selecting it after trying to "Add" from the Radeon application: "You have been denied permission to access this folder")

A great reason to not buy your games from there. Not much you can do though if you buy them for XBox then also can use it on PC. Your stuck with MS for some reason thinking you shouldn't be able to access your files on YOUR drive. 

Community Manager

We're looking into the issue.

Great, hope you find a solution soon!

Solved in 20.8.3.

Journeyman III

Same thing since version 21.4.1

Yep, but it was after MS changed from to with the stutter hotfix three days ago



20.4.1 cannot start Flight Simulator - no access to the .exe


Sorry, 21.4.1