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Adept I

Adrenaline 20.4.2 (WHQL) not responding

Since May 2020 I've been using 20.4.2 version of Adrenaline and it was working very well and it was the recommended version (WHQL). Before 20.4.2 I've had issues with vram boosting at 1750mhz just by watching YT.

This same version has fixed the problem for me and i've been using it since then.

Two days ago, I've upgraded my monitor (Dell P2720D 1440p 60hz 27'') and when I reinstalled the drivers, suddenly they have stopped working.

I have tried 20.2.2, 20.5.1, 20.8.1, 20.8.3 and every version worked just fine except one annoying guessed it, vram is hiting the roof whenever I play YT, causing the gpu to heat at almont 60 c. so the fans have to ramp up to cool it down.

Now, when AMD says ''this behaviour is expected'' I can only get pissed because 20.4.2 fixed this problem and now this same version (RECOMMENDED!) is not working lol.

Please, someone, if anyone has a solution besides buying nvidia cards please respond.

Thank you.

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Adept I

Edit: 20.5.1 version is also not responding, my mistake. By not responding I mean the user interface is not showing up, neither on screen nor in task manager