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Journeyman III

Adrenalin Update required for MW2 causes fps drop in Overwatch

Been playing Overwatch 2 at a smooth 300fps for the past few weeks with RX6600XT. Installed Modern Warfare 2 and it required updated drivers (21.10.3). Ran great on MW2 but back on overwatch my frames were in the toilet barely breaking 150 and lagging to an unplayable degree. Wasn’t until i reinstalled previous driver with factory reset that I got my performance back for OW2. I’d assume I have to repeat this process every time I want to hop between the two titles. Anyone else experiencing this or something similar?

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Adept III

Yeah the latest driver also broke Forza Horizon 5 for me (crashed within 10 minutes) and it also broke Battlefield 2042 as well (crashed as soon as a map began to load). 

I had to revert back to 22.9.1 (for the second time) as it is so far the best working driver for me (that also doesn't crash Adobe Photoshop). 

Looks like it's a bad driver (yet again) and all you can do is wait for AMD to release an update or revert back to an older driver and have to wait on MW2.

Honestly man, I'm going Intel/nVidia on my next PC build which is soon... I love AMD, they build great hardware but CAN'T get the software/firmware/drivers right.