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Re: HELP! Radeon Software 19.2.2 NOT SUPPORT AMD 7970

Well, I tell them to try the kingfish recommendations and I tried the following:
1 * Disable and even uninstall the antivirus
2 * Disconnect the internet cable
3 * Probe installing the following versions of Radeon Software with the following results:

   - 18.11.2 (Install ok but Flickering)

   - 18.12.1 (Install ok but Flickering)

   - (Install ok but Flickering)

   - 18.12.2 (Crash on 33% Installation)

   - 18.12.3 (Crash on 33% Installation)

   - 19.1.1 (Crash on 33% Installation)

   - 19.1.2 (Crash on 33% Installation)

   - 19.2.1 (Crash on 33% Installation)

   - 19.2.2 (Crash on 33% Installation)

Between each uninstall I have cleaned the system in safe mode with the AMD Cleaning Tool.

As I said before, I'm interested in solving the problem of flickering in the versions that if allowed to install, so I try to update to the latest versions but I generate this error.

I leave the photo of when the installation starts and when it reaches 33% it restarts and the BSOD screen appears.
Thanks for any other help you can give me.



Re: HELP! Radeon Software 19.2.2 NOT SUPPORT AMD 7970


Re: HELP! Radeon Software 19.2.2 NOT SUPPORT AMD 7970

Thank you Kingfish but After running the Microsoft installation solver, it was not possible to install a newer version than Anything else you can try?


Re: HELP! Radeon Software 19.2.2 NOT SUPPORT AMD 7970

This is Microsoft definition and cause for your BSODs: Bug Check 0x50 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA - Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs 


The PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA bug check has a value of 0x00000050. This indicates that invalid system memory has been referenced. Typically the memory address is wrong or the memory address is pointing at freed memory.

Important This topic is for programmers. If you are a customer who has received a blue screen error code while using your computer, see Troubleshoot blue screen errors.


Bug check 0x50 can occur after the installation of faulty hardware or in the event of failure of installed hardware (usually related to defective RAM, be it main memory, L2 RAM cache, or video RAM).

Another possible cause is the installation of a faulty system service or faulty driver code.

Antivirus software can also trigger this error, as can a corrupted NTFS volume.

I would first run MEM86 RAM Memory test to be sure you don't have a defective RAM module.

Then run Windows Chdsk C: /f /r to make sure your hard drive doesn't have any bad sectors on it causing corruption while installing the drivers.

Try disabling temporarily your Anti-virus while installing the AMD Driver. For troubleshooting purposes only.

Also, your Intel Integrated graphics must have the latest Intel Driver installed. I noticed the last Intel driver for your Asus Motherboard was from 2015. Download and run Intel Driver and Support Assistant to update all your Intel Drivers to the latest version.

Lastly, Use OCCT and stress test your CPU and GPU and PSU and see if it BSODs during any of those three test. I would reinstall the 18.x.x. driver to do all this to make sure the GPU is recognized and working.

If all your hardware comes out fine without any errors or BSODs  and you have updated your Intel Graphics drivers, then it is possible for some reason the latest AMD Driver is not compatible with your computer setup. Just guessing though.


Re: HELP! Radeon Software 19.2.2 NOT SUPPORT AMD 7970

Many seem to be complaining of this of the HD 7970 specifically not being able to install the driver. I don't have one, but have a very similar HD 7950, nearly the same card just a tad slower. The drivers install for me but I had to do this very specifically to get it to go:

Make sure Windows is fully up to date. Make sure you check for updates! Don't just go to update and see it says no updates. Half the time it's wrong, so scan.

If you have other video drivers on your system for instance intel, make sure it is fully up to date as well. 

Download the 19.2.2 driver from AMD.

Download the current, (it changes often, don't use an old version) DDU from wagnardsoft_com, read and follow instructions. Don't run it yet

Now change a couple things in Windows that will help. Disable Hibernation/Fast Startup (this stops windows from loading old cached driver info, that leads to it changing your drivers) this feature is horrible and IMHO not needed, it will make booting from a spinning disk a hair faster, but the trouble it creates is not worth it. Disable automatic driver updates (pro windows only) search google on how to to do this with Home version. A bit more tricky.  You can also Download Winaero Tweaker (winaero_com) and it has a simple check box to do this that works on either version.

Run DDU from safe mode, disconnect from the internet, restart and install the 19.2.2 driver. Un-check the sending information back to AMD box at the bottom and un-check the auto updating (in my experience never auto update, download the stand alone driver, auto update only adds to the chance of a corrupt install), choose clean install, if that is not available thats okay DDU fully did it's job. Restart!

If it still is not all working okay, don't un-install, just express install the same driver you just installed over itself again.

If it doesn't work for you at this point you either have a corrupted Windows Registry or Bad Hardware and time for a new GPU or this version really does have a specific driver bug messing up install. Either way you have done all you really can aside from checking potential hardware outside the GPU/card as kingfish and elstaci already reccomended.

Anyway if none of this works make sure to report it to AMD, they don't know you have an issue form these forums as they are USER TO USER FORUMS ONLY.

So report it to them:

Online Service Request | AMD 


Re: HELP! Radeon Software 19.2.2 NOT SUPPORT AMD 7970

Thanks to everyone for the recommendations, I have tried everything I have been told, among those things, clean formatting, DDU execution in safe mode as well as the AMD cleaning tool, but I still can not install any of these drivers:
All of them have the same problem when they reach 33% of installation, either in customized mode or in fast mode.

What surprises me is that in all those 6 driver versions, AMD says it's full compatible with the HD 7900 series, but it's not like that.

I have already ruled out that it is a hardware failure (CPU, Ram Memory, Video Card, Hard Disk etc) since I have done all the corresponding tests and if so, with previous drivers that would not work either.

I have also sent 2 times the requirement of my failure to AMD through its fault form but I have not received a response or solution from them.

I have also read in this forum that other users have had the same problem of the BSOD either when installing or executing an application or game after installing the driver, so I think it is not a specific failure of the 7XXX series if not a problem in general of the AMD Radeon Adrenalin driver.

Any other help you can try is welcome.
Thank you all

Adept II

Re: HELP! Radeon Adrenalin Software 19.2.2 BSOD Crash

Same card same error.


Re: HELP! Radeon Adrenalin Software 19.2.2 BSOD Crash

There are many complaints of this with the HD 7970 series that it has to now be specific to the the card in the last few versions. It's not the same issue that was affecting all the HD, and R series cards.  




Tell AMD:  Online Service Request | AMD 

amdmatt‌  There has got to be something going on here. To many different complaints specifically on this. Can you pass it on to engineering?


Re: HELP! Radeon Adrenalin Software 19.2.2 BSOD Crash

The Video Card is MSI R7970 Lightning, As I have already mentioned, I have reported not only one, but several times, to AMD through its technical support request, but the answer has been to try almost everything that I have been recommended here and that I have done without solution.

Finally I was recommended to modify the assigned time of the TdrDelay value in KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ GraphicsDrivers in the Windows 10 registry to allow the installation to be done without interruptions, but I also tried it and it did not solve the problem.

¿Could it be that the last compatible driver for the HD 7970 is

Adept III

Re: HELP! Radeon Adrenalin Software 19.2.2 BSOD Crash

Hi, Please try this:

If You have BSODs or instability (don't worry 19.2.2 is good driver)
Just install Older PCI Bus
from 18.10.1810 ->

or (like me) Mixed with 19.1.1 WHQL (device manager install/update driver for PCI bus & AMD SMBus)


Played BFV today -> smooth & stable.

If You have BSODs or instability (don't worry 19.2.2 is good driver)
Just install Older PCI Bus
Played BFV today -> smooth & stable.