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Adrenalin Software BSOD Crash ON INSTALL (UPDATED May 13 2019) FINALLY SOLVED


After 5 months and 13 days when the last functional driver was launched and after struggling with 13 failed versions and without any response, AMD FINALLY launches 19.5.1 version, which solves the installation problem and works as it should . Unfortunately for many all this time is an eternity for the solution of such a simple problem, but well, we hope it will never happen again and that there will be no new problems with Windows 10 May Update 1903.

We do not thanks for this solution, because it is an AMD DUTY to attend and solve all the inconveniences that arise to give support to its users, so we are not doing favors to thank. They are in the obligation to solve this type of problems, on the contrary, it is considered an excessive time for this solution. We hope that with this you also pay attention to an improvement in the service to your customers.


The problem is that when you start your installation and when it reaches 33%, 50% or 62%, the PC is restarted and creating a blue  screen (BSOD) with the code 0x00000050 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, generated because of atikmdag.sys and in which it remains in a permanent restart cycle until it is restored to a previous configuration.


When reviewing the Installation.log file, it can be clearly seen that it is an error in the package that causes the installation to stop and fail.

[ERROR] - ERROR_DRIVER_PACKAGE_NOT_IN_STORE::[000000ADE1EF7F90] There does not exist an INF file in the driver store that corresponds to the INF file specified by DriverPackageInfPath.


The latest version that works is, November 2018.

There are several affected models, among which are HD 7970, R9 280X, R9 390X, RX460 etc.

List of things that I have tried

  • Clean installation of Windows 10
  • Deactivating Antivirus Software and the Internet
  • Uninstall Old Drivers with DDU and AMD Cleaning Tool in safe mode
  • Test the Graphics Card in another computer.

List of failed drivers on install process

  • 18.12.2 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 18.12.3 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.1.1 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.1.2 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.2.1 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.2.2 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.2.3 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.3.1 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.3.2 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.3.3 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.4.1 (Crash in 33% of Installation
  • 19.4.2 (Crash in 62% of Installation)
  • 19.4.3 (Crash in 50% of Installation)

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colesdav wrote:



If you are running latest up to date and patched version of Windows 10, which is the only Windows OS which is not winding down in less than a year that AMD supports you need the latest and up to date version of AMD Driver for your GPU.

That's not exactly true. My 955 and HD5870 use the old 15.7.1 with no issues. My a10 7850k uses 18.12.2 and isn't having problems. My RX580 has never  had an installer problem and if it weren't for eyefinity issues I probably wouldn't have had to  update it for a long time either.

1 agree and reiterated the same as hardcoregames that old versions are frequently a suitable option for the older gpus.

It sure beats banging your head fighting with this when you could be fraggin' some baddies.


I agree with everything else you said and admit some people have a legitimate need for a new driver.

ASUS TUF X570 wifi, AMD Ryzen 5 5600G, ASRock 6700XT Challenger, Antec Truepower new 700w. 32GB

It has been said until the fatigue and demonstrated with tests in this post that the problem is 100% of AMD, and not of the hardware nor configurations of the users. Obviously the card works with an old driver as it is which was the last one that worked with at least the R7970 Lightning and this has also been verified by many users here. But the solution is not that, nor the reason for the claim is not that either. The problem is that there are already 10 versions back where AMD continues listing as compatible to the HD 7970 series but does not want to operate the drivers. If the problem was 1 or maybe 2 versions ok, but they are 10 versions and will continue to launch more and the problem will not be solved. and Here no one gives answers or information about whether they are working on the problem, since they do not even list it in known issues.


At least in my particular case, my interest to update the Driver to a more modern version than, is because it works well but I have some random flickers on the screen, so I want to update them because I need to solve that problem, not for wanting to have the latest version so I do not need it. But we have already talked a lot about this issue and we are going around in circles since AMD does not pay attention to this case.

Adept II

Hello all

He sent me ADM a message

Dear Adem,

Your service request : SR #{ticketno:[8200867884]} has been reviewed and updated.

Response and Service Request History:


Thank you for the email,

I understand that you are getting blue screen after updating the driver 19.3.2

In order to properly debug this issue, I would require some additional details about your system configuration (Dxdiag) and also please let me know the following:

·         Which previous driver version worked?

·         Did you tried with roll backing the old driver ?

To get the Dxdiag report, please follow the below steps:                                  

Click on "START"  Click "Run” Type in "dxdiag" and click "OK"  Click "Save all Information”. Kindly attach this to the email.

Once I have more information about your system configuration, I will be able to provide troubleshooting steps and recommendations to resolve your issue


Thanks for contacting AMD

... Now what I have to do and what I send to them
According to what they said they will solve the problem ?? 


Adept II

Yes I found all the information they asked me and I sent them today in a document

I hope that they will find the problem and solve it quickly. This is a good point since they are responding to our messages and show interest in this problem that has affected many of us.
I'm here with you so they answer me a message about fixing the problem
And every new will post it in our friend comments cesarin

Sorry for some mistakes in writing

Adept II

They replied to my letter in which I sent information about DirectX .. 

Dear Adem,

Your service request : SR #{ticketno:[8200867884]} has been reviewed and updated.

Response and Service Request History:

Thank you for the response

I verified the dxdiag and observed that you are using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit operating system with AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series graphic card

I requested to Perform the clean installation of the latest driver could resolve this issue.

Here are few steps, I would like you to try on your computer.

Perform clean uninstallation of the existing driver using DDU Utility (Display Driver Uninstaller) by launching it in Safe mode. It will help you completely uninstall AMD graphics card drivers and packages from your system, without leaving leftovers behind.


Once the drivers are uninstalled restart the computer in normal mode, install all the critical and recommended updates from Windows.

Then install the latest 19.3.3 Adrenalin edition driver, provided in the below link:

But I think this message was sent to someone here and I did not get it when they said it

After all, I will follow the steps and see the result and I will come back to tell you how true this report is


Bad and incorrect advice.

They forgot to tell you to make sure you stay disconnected from the internet when you install your new drivers...
You need to make sure windows is updated to the required version and patches. You need to download the latest drivers onto your PC. You need to download the latest version of DDU, and install it. Then disconnect from the internet completely. Then run DDU in safe mode to remove any Nvidia Driver traces and AMD drivers.
Then once DDU completes boot into Windows 10 as normal. Then run the AMD installer for the latest version of the AMD Drivers. Then reboot. Then reconnect to the internet. If you do not disconnect from the internet then Windows 10 can and will install very old "Microsoft Versions" of what Microsoft think are the correct drivers for your PC.  You may not even notice this has happened, unless you check Device Manager before you run the AMD installer. The AMD installer does not detect the "Microsoft Versions" of the AMD drivers. It will report that you have no AMD Drivers installed and proceed to overwrite the   "Microsoft Versions" of the AMD drivers. Who knows what that results in but according to AMD own driver installation guide, it can result in corrupted drivers.
Been requesting that the installer is fixed to detect and avoid this situation for over a year now.
Did you point support people them to this thread?




hi, I personally already exhaust this resource of the AMD Technical Support, since in each of the versions that have come out and that present this failure, I have filled them out and sent the form creating the corresponding report of failures, to which they have answered me and advised all that series of things that were useless, but still I have done all to show that the problem is not what they believe if it is in its driver package.

All the list of things that I have been advised and suggested have been tried but without any solution to this problem.

  • Install from scratch Windows 10 PRO x64.
  • Install all Windows updates available to date.
  • Install Missing Security Updates: KB2565063 - Q2538242 - Q2538243.
  • Use DDU in its latest version v18.0.0.9 in Safe Mode to uninstall previous versions to try the latest ones.
  • Disable Internet connection and Antivirus Software.
  • Update the motherboard BIOS to its latest version.
  • Update Visual C++ and DirectX software.
  • I have also sent you reports of BELARC Advisor and DXdiag so they can see the status of the PC.
  • I have also sent you INSTALL.LOG files located on the route C:\Program Files\AMD\CIM\Log,  of each one of driver versions that I tried to install. LOG.png

(In this point is where I have been able to show the evidence that the installation generates a package error and that is why it stops generating the blue screen and the system reboot, but when I get to that point they do not answer me again. and after a few days the case is closed due to inactivity.) Ray_M also helped me through private mail but when I reached the same point of the Installer.log he did not answer the emails again.

So my dear friend, these tests that you are recommending that you do is like a standard protocol that you recommend to all those who fill out those technical support forms but it is not the solution to the problem. I also reach to hope because I thought that a good way for us to solve this problem but no, they are just meaningless tests to lose more time but there is no solution.

If you can rather upload your INSTALLER.LOG and everyone who has this problem that upload here this file to be able to check that it marks the same error that mine in the end would be useful to show them that it is error of the package or packages because We already have 10 versions of failures and no solution.

The route is C:\Program Files\AMD\CIM\Log

I hope your collaboration, thank you

I tried the 19.3.3 driver with a clean install again on the 7970 and it failed still. Upon removing the card and installing it back in another system it loads just fine with the pre 2019 drivers as it has in the past. On the system the 7970 would not load the 19.3.3 driver. I loaded the driver just fine again with the 7950. I also updated my 3rd AMD system with 7870 to the 19.3.3 driver. There is still something wrong with the new drivers that will not allow them to load on a 7970 for many of us. 

Adept I

I have a MSI 7970 Lightning, same issue, i have tested all the drivers too (however i have customized my BIOS). 

I have found that entering the Windows Insider program installs what seems a 2019 driver without problems. 

I would advise however to stay on or 18.11.2, because this one has some annoying bug (the famous alt+tab bug).

Annotazione 2019-03-26 014649 -amd.png

Adept II

we need drivers why no one care us ? we are not costumers ?

Adept I

I have done also a reddit thread of the problem, with links to people reporting it: 

Reddit users there and even in others threads are not seriously acknowledging this problem, saying that the problem is on our PC hardware or the problem is us not upgrading to a newer product even if our product should still be supported (so in a way or another the problem is us), so we should stick to old drivers and be happy and they even downvote me and upvote this illogical reasoning.     

They just can't stand that maybe AMD can get wrong with some part of their software, it is hilarious, seeing also other common bugs of the drivers.    

However i experience the monitor flickering issue too using the mini display port outputs, probably it is an issue with the 7970 Lightning itself.  

However i'm considering to upgrade my whole rig later this year. 

This attitude that "It's > X years old" therefore replace it is fine for the manufacturers / vendor but not for the consumer.
I wonder what % of the chip design has actually changed in  AMD GCN architecture since Tahiti GPU GCN 1.0. 

RE: monitor flickering issue - not sure exactly what you mean.

Personal Rig Updated and Benchmarked! [RX 580 vs Radeon 7970; Ryzen 5 1600 vs FX-6300] - YouTube 
This gives a comparison of an original HD7970 3GB  released in 2012 versus RX580.
Sapphire HD7970 OC 6GB Vapor-X GHz edition is much faster and the additional 3GB Vram also makes a difference.
This gives a comparison to a 'GHz edition' HD7970 = the R9 280x: 


No doubt that edition was cream of the crop for it's day and is relevant today. The fact thought that my normal 7970 and 7950 are also still relevant. No reason the 7970 should be relegated to the scrap heap. They are still faster cards than new entry level cards are today. When they cross the threshold of all new gaming cards being faster I can see that point.  While that series can't play many of today's AAA titles on ultra it can play most if not all of them on low or better settings. Which again is no worse that many entry level NEW offerings. So yes if you are okay without having the best of the best visuals these cards are still relevant. For those that bought these cards to begin with for HD playback of video or Photoshop acceleration they still do an excellent job of that too, of course if you can load the driver!

I realize you were in no way saying they are irrelevant only chose your reply to respond to because as usual you find great evidence to the contrary and point out that his card is not ready to be retired. I just wanted to add that IMHO none of them are. The fact is that AMD drivers are loading just fine on cards slower than the 7970 just fine too for instance my 7950 and 7870. So really I think this is a bug plain and simple they still don't even acknowledge exists. I think they probably messed up something with the hardware ID in the driver that is causing an issue. I am no driver expert though.

The older HD 7970 is a strong card made on the older 28nm line. The newer Polaris 30 is made at 14nm so it can use a lot less power to achieve the same results. Long term there are advantages.

When 7nm surfaces the game changes again and more power savings will be available for a given level of performance. 


Yes, lower geometry does give opportunity for lower power but in case of RX590 the power consumption went up.

Here is an interesting comparison I could not find the HD7970 OC 6GB info, higher resolution performance will improve v 3GB.: 

look at the FP64 performance of the HD7970.

Yes, AMD and board partners probably want me to upgrade lol 

However the flickering issue is a strange one, it does it randomly and i have noticed that i don't have it using my Intel HD 4600 integrated gpu via HDMI.  

But i have a Samsung 144 Hertz monitor putting it at 120 Hertz seem to help, but it doesn't solve completely the problem... it is strange but not game breaking for me so i deal with it for now. 


Yes, it happens to me exactly the same, it is a random flicker doing anything, but playing for example Steam games, it does not happen, it is within the Windows environment.
I have also read that programs like iCloud among others make this flicker, but NO, I already probe it without these programs installed and it does not matter, the flikering continues. What is 100% controller's fault.


Yes, i experience the same, flickering happens in the Windows environment and not while gaming, it think it should be something about how the card or the driver manages power states.   

Another interesting very old bug is for example that if you try to change clocks (gpu or memory no matter AfterBurner or Overdrive) in a multimonitor setup one monitor will just go nuts and flicker all the way because the driver will continuously jump from the idle power state for a single monitor (300/150 mhz) and the one for multi monitor (500/1375), therefore i edit my BIOS with the frequencies and voltage i want. 

To be honest there are too many problems with the support of this card but i don't have money now so i try to deal with it one way or another...

Yes, it is that exact videocard.


Yes, I also have the MSI R7970 Lightning and use it with a Mini Display Port to HDMI cable and I present this random screen flicker for several versions of Radeon Software. The funny thing is that I thought it was the card and perform the test of connecting it via DVI to HDMI and follows the screen flicker, which has already ruled out the card and is a problem in the drivers. On this AMD did not give me an answer either.

I think that AMD support is getting worse every day, they already take versions of Drivers several times a month and that's why they all fail, they have not released WHQL versions a long time ago.


See this post: 
Asus GPU Tweak might help you out.


Yes, we all know that the HD 7970 still has a lot of potential for current applications, especially non-referential models as the R7970 Lightning among others, and that is why we must demand a support that provides solutions to this problem for keep using our video cards correctly.

Yep, the 7970 is still strong for 1080p gaming at medium details, there's some title playing badly sure, but it is still better than a normal (not Pro) PS4 on most titles (PS4 has pretty much the same strenght of a 7870-270x).   

Then as colesdav has shown with the You Tube video a RX580 has clearly more performance than a 7970 but to spend 170-200 euro (in my case) for that kind of improvement doesn't seem worth it (i have bought this 7970 used in September 2015 for 125 euros)... and i don't play new bleeding edge games.     

Rumors say that Navi will replace Polaris, then i think it will be a good upgrade (but before buying it i will consider every option in the market, i will buy what is better for the money).  

That's right, it's a good card yet, for the sample is still not considered by AMD as LEGACY, so they provide the support and adequate solutions for their customers.


ray_m Empleado As you can see, testimonials from more and more users continue to arrive with this problem. ¿What could you find out about it? since long ago we have no knowledge about what the engineering department is doing about this failure.

After trying MULTIPLE HD7970 gpu's, I was finally able to repro the issue with an ASUS card. 

This issue was reported to engineering who have provided me with an internal build of an upcoming driver.  This issue is NOT see on this internal build.

I will update this thread when this driver is launched, which is expected sometime in April.

Thank you very much for your help!


Thanks for the answer, you already see some hope in solving this issue. ¿Could you provide this internal version of the driver to the users of this post to try and collaborate with the solution to this issue?


Unfortunately, I am not allowed to provide internal drivers. 


Ok, we hope the advances on this. On the other hand, I would like you to tell us what they say in engineering that may be related to this failure when you also find it on an ASUS card?


Engineering do not tell me their findings.


Earlier in the thread on p6, iiatamanii with an ASUS R9280X-DC2T-3GD5 was affected under its original vbios, and the update (offered by asus on its support page) to solved it. You might also be looking into any particular change in between these bios that can trigger the BSOD under newer drivers (both vbios are available under the techpowerup db).


I have already updated the BIOS of the video card to the latest available in the TechPowerUp library, which is:, but it did not solve the problem. Even on my Card that has double BIOS.

If even for a 280x is affected, I'm not surprised that an older version like will still trigger the problem on your 7970.


I also think that this problem that does not allow installing the Adrenalin Driver in the latest versions has more to do with the driver package as such and not with the BIOS of the card. It will play waiting for AMD solution

I agree with that 100%. Hopefully AMD will come to that realization.

I agree and actually have said as much already with what you just said. There are a few other threads here and few more I know of on other tech sites about this issue. heck even you tube videos showing it. It is something that changed in the way the driver sees the device. Certainly a bios update could  and apparentd did change how the driver sees it at a hardware ID level. I think they simply screwed something up in the driver that is messing with a whole bunch of cards.Something that is eliminating certain cards from working right with the driver trying to install. Nothing else makes sense as to why it still works on some 7970's but no other variants like 7950's or 7870's for instance are not affected. The answer cant be for companies that sold these cards years ago to now come up with bios changes to make these old cards now work with current drivers. It is awesome if some exist already that can be loaded that allow people to work around the current issue.  AMD needs to figure out what they did to the driver that makes them not work on so many cards that still work fine reverting to previous drivers. Unless AMD actually acknowledges this as an issue, and they don't seem to be, I don't think they are really seeing it as a problem. I hope I am wrong, but this same thought you had was brought up long ago and still nothing from AMD other than a Mod testing it and saying it went to engineering and that he doesn't know anything further. It doesn't come across as AMD engineering communicates any better with their own support staff then they do with the user base. One things for sure we have no more information on this than when the OP started this thread nearly 300 subsequent posts ago.