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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Adrenalin Software and Broken Font

Ok I've been using AMD products for as long as I can remember. Currently running a Ryzen multi-core with a Radeon Rx580.

I never have a problem downloading or installing updates or software, never have any real issues with performance and gaming. But this is driving me nuts. It's ONLY in Adrenalin. No other program that I have on this PC has this issue. I've literally scoured the web for hours and tried just about everything. Changing DPI, adjusting Cleartype, uninstalling/reinstalling, changing font size, nothing works.  Actually - this is the first time I've EVER created an account just to ask a single question. I simply cannot fix it. For some reason this "smaller" text is broken and blurry. The bigger fonts are fine. Can someone PLEASE give me a resolution for this. It's unreadable unless I get right up to my TV.

Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate the replies.

Cut.Blurred.Broken Fonts2.png

Cut.Blurred.Broken Fonts.png

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