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Adept I

Adrenalin Software 23.11.1 stops opening after 2-3 day of installing.

This has been going on for a couple of weeks now where I go through a process of having to use AMD's driver cleanup tool and reinstalling older versions of the software to get it to open, my bad habit is once I get Adrenalin up and running it wants me to update to 23.11.1 on the driver& software tab and like stupid 'ol me wants to keep Adrenalin happy and hits the download button just so I have a green check mark that I am running the current version.

(note: there are two versions of 23.11.1;  the one on AMD's web sight is released on 11/02/2023 and one in Adrenalin's software tab check for Updates is released on 10/25/2023 so if you download the one off of AMD's web sight,  Adrenalin "check updates" will not recognize it as a current version). so that only tells me that someone at AMD is slacking off.

I use this software for mainly for desktop captures and fan controls and the overlay for temps, utility usage and FPS on a daily basis. 

This is more of a rant than need for a fix, it takes me about 10-15 min. (because the fist couple of re-installs don't take) out of by day to get it back up and working but it just SUCKS. Just hoping somebody at AMD is reading this but I sure nothing will be released earlier than their scheduled release on every other month which would be on the 1st and last of Jan.  Come on AMD fix your **bleep**.


Equipment list:

Windows 11 64 bit; GPU: FXF RX590 OC Fatboy; CPU: Ryzen 7950X; Motherboard: X670 AORUS ELITE AX


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