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Adrenalin on Windows 8.1

Recently I installed Windows 8.1 Pro on a partition of my SSD for gaming (I simply won't use Windows 10 for this purpose due to all its bloat ware processes and work-related problems). The problem is, it has no display driver and is using the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter making it useless for gaming.

As the current drivers are unsupported, I've already tried downloading the Windows 7 drivers and installing them using the Device Manager. The only problem is this:

How do I install the drivers? My chipset is AMD Ryzen 5 3500U.

OEM drivers could be an option, but the following error appears: 

Source\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\U0339531.inf PnpUtil return code 1
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Adept III

For that CPU there is only the driver for W10 (x64). W8.1 is no longer supported for several versions, check the laptop manufacturer's page.


So I'm out of luck then... unless there's an alternative?

The only alternative to Windows 10 would be Linux, which may or may not be fully supported on your laptop.

Your case is for a laptop. 

This is for a desktop. But you might want to give it a try.

Try installing the latest available Adrenalin 2020 Windows 7 Driver on Windows 8.1.
If you search this forum I seem to remember some people managed to get it to work. 

There is another alternaltive though. 
Download the following.
Latest version of DDU.
Adrenalin 19.12.1 driver for Windows 7.
Download latest Adrenalin 2020 driver for Windows 7.

Disconnect from internet completely. Ethernet cable, Wifi. 
Boot into Windows 8.1 safe mode. 
Run DDU to remove all traces of previous AMD & Nvidia Drivers. Do not run Intel driver clean. 
Boot into normal mode once DDU completes. 
Install Adrenalin 19.12.1 driver for Windows 7 on Windows 8.1.
Run the installer for the latest Adrenalin 2020 driver for Windows 7 so it extracts all files. Then cancel the install. 
Go to Control Panel -> Hardware & Sound -> Device Manager-> Display Adapters -> select your GPU and 
right click. Select Update Driver. Select Browse My Computer for drivers. Point to the INF file directory under the extracted Adrenalin 2020 directory. It update the drivers. You will have Adrenalin 2019 19l.12.1 GUI/UI + latest Adrenalin 2020 drivers. 
Most (in some cases better) functionality is there.
A few things will be missing such as: 
Integer scaling. 
Resolution scaling % for Radeon Image sharpening. 
Game Profiles for XBOX Game Pass games. 

FRTC is still there and works. 
Radeon Overlay with proper Game Advisor that produces sensible resul;ts as it is controlled by the User. 

Reboot your PC into normal mode. 
Then and only then reconnect to the internet. 

I have already posted many times before how to do the above, including pictures. 
Do a search for me - I have no more time. 
There is a thread "Do you like the new Adrenalin 2020 User Interface" or something like that. 
I am pretty sure I discussed it there. 


Deleted my reply.

Please note to make sure you have your Anti-Virus check the downloaded driver before opening the file. 

That site may not be a reputable site for downloading.



@elstaci wrote:

Those drivers in that User's link are for Desktop APUs and not Mobile APUs.

When you download the AMD driver read the "Release Notes" and see if your Ryzen Mobile APU is listed or not.


Before I saw this reply I installed the drivers that @asdf23451 suggested and they worked!! All my games work too. Thanks to everyone else for helping too

I just deleted my original reply after you answered.

Great that it worked. You should mark that User's reply as "Solved" so that other Users will know what fixed your problem.

There are no Windows 8/8.1 or previous Windows drivers for your Ryzen 5 3500U APU:

So unless your laptop manufacturer has a Non-Windows 10 APU driver for your processor you are out of luck. As mentioned before you can try installing a Linux OS and see if it supports your APU or not.

Journeyman III

To install drivers on windows 7 please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Insert the adapter onto your computer.

Step 2

Right click Computer, and then click Manage.

Step 3

Open Device Manager. Right click the adapter and then click Update Driver Software....

Step 4

Click Browse my computer for driver software.

Step 5

Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

Step 6

Highlight Show All Devices and click Next.

Step 7

Click Have Disk.

Step 8

Click Browse.

Step 9

Point to the inf file in the driver folder, and then click Open.

Step 10

Click Next.

Step 11

Click Install this driver software anyway

Step 12

Click Close.

Hope this helps