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Drivers & Software

Adept I

Adrenalin Edition 23.3.1 Release. Thanks AMD, but it doesn't work.

Performances are still down by <> 10% in 3DMark Pro at 4K 2 X MSAA, this is bad because it is where the card is at its strongest.

We need Drivers to give us back the level of performances we had in early January, not only this but in some games like Elite Dangerous, some important aspect of the game are unavailable due to a mesh/texture distortion making the moon where they are based look like cracked nuts.

We can't dock on those bases and so engineering is impossible.

In this particular case, I was able to fly through the moon surface in autodock but have been unable to do it again, now with poor performances in DCS that's two games this gaming GPU can't tackle properly due to its drivers.


The card itself have a huge potential, I know it from conducting tests in DCS before their VR update (also an issue) and GPU drivers.

THIS is what this card could do then...

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