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Adept III

Adrenalin driver & Armoury crate issues

I have updated the AD's to 22.11.2 which includes the AMD Windows driver v 31.0.12029.10015.

Armoury Crate immediately reports this as out of date as 31.0.12042.4 is available and suggests an update. The issue is, with just allowing AC to update the windows driver only, it appears to remove all of the AD Software rather than just simply update a single driver. How can this be worked around to enable AD to remain along with the latest windows driver?

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You must have underlying issues on your system as I do not have the same problem and both coexist peaceably.  Try scanning for corrupt system files as neither should interfere with the other.

That would be puzzling as its a brand new PC build with a clean Win 11 install as well as a first install of Adrenalin and Armoury Crate?? I'll scan but not sure what could be corrupt on a clean install with MS provided media.

Corruption can still happen if the SSD/HDD isn't connected properly.  Power outages/sudden power loss can also cause corruption.  Software installers that are interrupted can also cause problems. 

Search for DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and follow the instructions for using it in Safe Mode.  Then download a fresh version of the driver installer and run again to be sure.

I'd also turn off Fast Boot in your motherboard's CMOS/BIOS as that can hold onto the old video card BIOS settings.


I had the same issue. New build. The only drive is a WD_BLACK SN850X. The problem occurred when I installed 31.0.12042.4.

Adept I

ASUS Armoury Crate makes my Radeon RX to go to 0% GPU usage on Destiny 2. It is punctual, but it is a pain.

Adept III

avoid those Softwares they are crap heavy laggy buggy and dats it!


To be honest, I would disable the AC and all other stuff like that on other boards in the UEFI. There are really no benefits in using such tools, of course that is my opinion, but I faced only issues with those integrated "software".


Armoury Crate has its issues but its usable, some people with complete RoG builds, like me, its foolish to not use it since they control key features, not just RGB. 

Without it there is no way to control my external DAC, vrm fans and water cooler OLED display. No mic noise cancelling too.

99% of Armoury Crate issues can be solved with a power cycle.

By the way, if you want to know who made that lovely piece of code, that is armoury crate.

ITS from Nvidia 


The Englishman