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Adept II

Adrenalin Busy Mouse Pointer Fix

Hey guys i just found this busy mouse pointer fix for windows 7 and it works.

 Thought i would share.

AMD Adrenalin driver BUSY MOUSE POINTER bug

OK I FIGURED IT OUT. there is an .exe file ( AMDRSServ.exe ) running in the background turning on and off. If you watch Task Manager for a while you will see it popping on and off in different locations. You cannot turn off , delete or rename this file once the Radeon application has started. Even after you shut the app down.


Disable ANY AMD startup services in MSCONFIG.exe

Restart machine, and make sure no AMD programs are running.

Go to C:/Progam Files/AMD/Cnext/Cnext and find AMDRSServ.exe. Rename it by adding a couple of letters or numbers at the start of the file name.

(REMINDER: You cannot rename or delete if ANY AMD software is running)

Once you have renamed the file , recheck your AMD startup services and restart your machine. AMDRSServ.exe should no longer open and close causing the mouse pointer busy circle to run.

I suspect this is a .NET or missing Windows 7 update or Remote desktop service issue.

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Adept II

I Also noticed that my hardware and ram usage dropped after i disabled AMDRSServ.exe 

and the AMD control panel still works.