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Journeyman III

Adrenalin 23.9.1 for 7800XT no display settings



I bought the 7800XT when it launched and I experienced a series of problems with the drivers at first, but I got to a point where it's alright at the moment, it was stable only on win 10.

Still, I have some issues like the display tab missing from the software. Is it an isolated issue or is anyone else experiencing same thing? I am very confused since I can't find any explanation.





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I dont have the solution, there i also have the 5800xt only for two days, but for me everything works.
But maybe i can help you with some things you could try.

Important to note: i run W11 (8 months) had a RTX 2070S and the gigabyte G32QC monitor.
Optional: Upgrading to windows 11 if your preferred game run good on that (and MB has w11 driver support), i should go for w11 anyway, but this is pure my personal opinion...

Try any of these steps:
- Look if there is a bios update for your monitor first!
- 1a) Had nvidia GPU before? Use guru3d's DDU software to fully uninstall and delete any nvidia leftovers.
- 1b) If you had a AMD card before, uninstall your current installed AMD driver Software first, than run DDU so you start fresh on your AMD drivers. Than reinstall Adrenalin software.
- Do you have different options for monitor connection? Like HDMI and/or Display Port, if so try another type, even try another port on the GPU.

I hope any of these help for now at first.
When using DDU, disconnect your INTERNET, otherwise have the risk Windows install default drivers and you can start all over again.

Wish you luck, hope you can give feedback if you got it working or ask me anything, I am not a professional but have the same card, so that can maybe a advantage for you.

Journeyman III

same issue here, 7900 xt, ryzen 5800x 3d, 3 re installed still not fixed