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Adrenalin 22.2.3 or 22.x.x driver audio stuttering in games with vsync off or Enhanced Sync on

I have placed a bug report with AMD, if you have a similar problem please report it so they know about the problem.

My system: Win 10 latest Windows Updates applied B550 5800X RX 6700 XT 32 GB 850 BeQuiet! Soundblaster AE-5 Plus

I have confirmed with older drivers the bug does NOT occur.

Audio stutters on 22.2.3 or any 22 series Adrenalin driver on new and older games, there is NO stuttering on 21.11.3.

It will be non stuttery for a few minutes, then as the frame rate dips slightly, the stuttering occurs, and it always happens. The only way to stop the audio stuttering is to either enable vsync or use earlier drivers. For Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War enabling vsyc halves the framerate with all the options turned up to the maximum with raytracing enabled. If enabling enhanced sync and disabling vsync in the COD BO Cold War settings it runs very playable above 50 fps.

Without being able to use enhanced sync, COD BO Cold War is really slow around 20 FPS, essentially with enhanced sync on it allows me to run the game with ultra settings and raytracing at an acceptable frame rate, without enhanced sync on it is very slow and I would need to reduce many settings which gives a much worse gaming experience.

Adrenalin 22.2.3 and all 22.x.x drivers have a bug where if you enable enhanced sync, or disable vsync, the audio gets stuttery. To fix this, install 21.11.3.

It's even a bug in older games like Legendary 2008 DX9, Serious Sam 3 BFE, and newer games like Serious Sam 4 and Godfall on the 22.x.x drivers. Hopefully the next 22.x.x drivers will fix it.

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Any driver past 21.11.3 audio stutters with vsync off or Enhanced Sync on. This is extremely frustrating after buying the card in May 2021 now I have to use older drivers on ANY game, even an old game, if I want to enable Enhanced Sync or disable vsync. This 22.3.1 driver is Windows WHQL certified? I am trying to remain calm but this is unacceptable. I expect the drivers to improve significantly going forward. I will have hope that the problem is fixed soon. I am not happy that I can't run any latest games because of this bug, because running the latest 22.x.x driver the audio stutters on any older or new game. AMD has constantly told me they optimize for new games, when on my 6700 XT I am stuck on older drivers. Really a poor job by AMD, and very hypocritical. So how am I supposed to update to the latest drivers so I can run newer games, when if I enable enhanced sync to improve framerates, the audio is all stuttery? Am I just supposed to not expect the enhanced sync to work, a feature that works perfectly fine on 21.11.3? I don't know if it's a Microsoft or AMD problem, and frankly I don't care, I just want it fixed.

Also for some reason Quake II RTX using Vulcan does work without the audio stuttering with Enhanced Sync on. Maybe that will be a clue to help you fix it.

I am really very unhappy with this but am trying to stay positive.

One final comment I want to make: Why in computing are things always breaking? Also with the way the market is, AMD and Microsoft point fingers at each other, and the users feel all the pain. I also am getting really tired of paying large amounts of money for hardware that doesn't last too long, and there is always all these problems. I also don't like how all the software on Windows doesn't seem to play well together, the whole platform is a complete mess. Also I am tired of AMD never listening when people have problems, and sometimes it's a small application that messes things up, when MS and AMD are always saying what a great platform Windows is. I sure have had a lot of problems.

I wonder what kind of Technology voodooo reinstall multiultra not well known uber tweak will fix my problems?

Journeyman III

I feel the same. I don't understand why can't AMD and Microsoft work better together to optimize their drivers.