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Adept I

Adrenalin 21.10.1 still high idle memory clock

Hi everyone,

I have cleaned and installed the lateste adrenalin drivers for my 6800 XT.  On these release notes I read that an issue with the memory clock has been solved.

In my case, it only worked for one day, I do not understand why, but I cleaned the old drivers I had, then installed the new drivers (21.10.1) and it worked. I have 2 monitors pluged in and I saw how the moemory clock goues down on idle. However, the next day I turned on my pc the memory clock was again high (around 1998 mhz). 

Anyone it's facing the same issue?


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Adept II

Hey Charly!

I'm also owning a 6800XT and all drivers after 21.8.2 are causing problems - i cant even play games. I rerolled to 21.8.2 and wait for a new "recommended" and not optional driver.