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Journeyman III

Adrenalin 20.11.3 - RX 5500XT + Ryzen 5 2600

I am experiencing an issue with my system ever since I installed the latest drivers.

First off, I was able to enjoy my games through my NVME, but ever since the latest update, some of my games were unstable and my system keeps freezing and I needed to reboot it. I have a youtube channel myself and also stream live on twitch for multiple hours before the update and was able to play peacefully without any crashes or whatsoever. I even pushed my GPU to the limit.

Games I played are Godfall, Destiny 2, Baldur's Gate 3, and a lot more.

I did experience some FPS drop and issue before with Godfall and was fixed with the current one, but the current update ruined Destiny 2 on my NVME. I tried switching drives and it did fix the stutter and crashes a bit, but boy oh boy, I thought it fixed all of my problems. Now, Adrenalin doesn't even show honest readings. I can totally hear my GPU fans, but it says there that I only have 4% GPU Usage and 3% CPU util which is a mess. How can I run destiny 2 with such readings??? And I can feel the heat from my system, but magically Adrenaline reads 49C. 

But, recently as I opened Adrenaline, there's this distorted shade of grey and green that comes up before it shows the actual software overlay. It bothers me a lot even though it just happened once. So I went ahead and rebooted my system.

On a side note, my GPU is fairly new! I just bought it this September and I have no knowledge of overclocking so I never overclocked it although I did tweak the fan curve of course.

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Journeyman III

same issue with same hardware !
any solution ?

Adept I

I have the same problem, the readings are ironed, my only solution was to go back to 20.11.1 which for me are more stable, we will have to wait for a new driver to be launched and to correct this problem anyway I would advise you to report your failures to AMD, the more we are before they will repair it.

Journeyman III

Hi guys!

Apparently, the new update seems to be running smoothly already. I had crashed the system once with Cyberpunk 2077, but that's a given since it's a hell of a mess with CP2077. Other games like Destiny 2 and BG3 are running smoothly. I haven't tried much of Godfall.

The fix I had:

1. Uninstall GPU updates. Doesn't matter if you use DDU or anything like that. What I did was just to uninstall the updates. 

2. Make sure Windows is up to date. I'm using Win10 Pro.

3. Update GPU through adrenaline or the website.

4. Restart your PC after it restarts from the updates installed.

Now, I don't know why number 4 works perfectly great, but restart is the new shutdown.

Experiences so far with the new updates, I am playing destiny 2 for more than 5 hours straight and no crashes in between. A bit of FPS drop when throttling, but doesn't matter to me since I run more than 75fps.