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Adrenalin 19.X.X: Ryzen Mobile Laptop takes several minutes shuting down or going into sleep/hibernate mode


I just bought a new HP Envy x360 13-ag0002la  laptop. After updating drivers to 19.3.3, laptop takes several minutes (around 5 min.) shuting down or going to sleep/hibernate (it happens with all three of them). It always happens in the same way, and goes like this: I make my laptop shut down/go to sleep/go to hibernate, screen turn off but everything else seems to keep on, after around 5 min. laptop finally shut down or go to sleep. I also tried 19.4.4 drivers, but same problem with that release. Uninstalling 19.X.X drivers and installing 17.7.7 (the ones that came from default) solve my problem.

Has anyone run into the same problem?

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A lot of why the older driver will work and not the newer has nothing to do with the newer driver being an issue. Fast Startup isn't really much faster and as you may experiencing one of it's most horrible attributes is that it is faster because it caches prior data including OLD DRIVER information. This behavior makes it clash with new drivers if not outright corrupting new driver installs. I would suggest you disable Fast Startup then do a clean install of the driver with the internet disconnected. If you have an SSD you don't need fast startup at all as it just isn't worth the trade off at all. On a spinning driver it is slightly faster but IMHO not worth using either. You could re-enable it if you feel the need.

If that doesn't help it's not impossible there is an actual issue with the driver and you should contact AMD Support:

Online Service Request | AMD 

Good Luck!

I've already done that. Disabling Fast Startup and installing new drivers was one of my first tries to solve this issue (and i haven't reactivated it since then). I gotta emphasize that my problem isn't at startup, computer doesn't slowdown at all at startup. It slows down at shut down or going into sleep/hibernate mode. As i said, after screen goes off, system keeps on working for at least 5 min., then it shuts down/sleeps, but it doesn't have any problem starting up.

I have already contacted AMD Support for this issue. Hope they address it.

Thanks for your reply.

No problem. I hope you get it fixed too. If you didn't contact HP support yet, this could possibly a common issue with that model that they may be able to offer help on. Or you might also ask this question in an HP forum too. Never hurts to burn the candle at both ends. Maybe get to fix a bit faster. 

Sleep issues are a pain. I have had few systems over the years that this worked properly on. Unfortunately for me and not trying to bash AMD here but it has been my AMD systems that have the worst sleep issues. I do IT for a living and rarely have problems with vanilla Intel setups as long as they don't have add in cards. My current i7 wasn't sleeping properly with my RX 580 but now sleeps fine with an RTX 2060. So I certainly don't rule out the possibility that it's a driver issue. I know that when AMD went to the 18.x.x.x series of drivers it was a big changed that messed up a lot of things that IMHO still are not fixed and the fact that you can load the older drivers is very telling. 

Just another question where are you getting your drivers? If it is from AMD and HP has newer drivers available you should always get them from HP as they do make customizations to the drivers. I do see that they released a newer driver back in January on the HP site if you have not tried that? It may not be as new as what is here but may work?

HP ENVY x360 - 13-ag0002la - Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support 


Right now i'm using one from HP. That driver released back in January, which is the actual one i'm using in my laptop, is a customization of AMD's 17.7.7 release.


Unfortunately when it comes to laptops you are at the mercy of exactly how far they stray from reference design when making a laptop. AMD doesn't control what HP or Dell or ASUS does making a machine. Those companies modify drivers to work with changes they make, then unfortunately don't seem to release updates to their custom drivers for long leaving new games without the updates to run them. I wish this didn't happen but it does. I see may bottom end budget laptops that never get another driver beyond what they came with. I would ask HP when are they going to release another driver as there have been many updates already this year. It also can't hurt to send all of your information and complaint to AMD: Online Service Request | AMD