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Journeyman III

Adrenalin 19.2.2 & 19.2.3 Game Breaking Issues

I updated to 19.2.3 and discovered that no matter what configuration, settings, hot keys I set the software to, an annoying, loud beep happens each and every time the CTRL or ALT key is pressed. Every game I have does this. There are two beeps that have slightly different sounds, and if I had to give them a description, one would be higher pitched ON and the other would be a lower pitched OFF sound. It turns on and off the frame rate in the upper-left corner each time the CTRL/ALT key is pressed. This is absolutely unacceptable. I installed 19.2.2 and its the same issue. I will be making an upgrade to an NVIDIA card in the next month. Nice knowing you AMD, you had your shot and this was it.

2 Replies
Adept II

can you be more specific what your problem is cause i use AMD For 8 Years now and yes i had some problems but with google and community forums and ofcourse AMD Support i have fixed the problems. maybe i can help you

Adept I

I thinks he just press the shortucut for the radeon overlay. Just go to the Setting, Shortcut key and disable them. Stop blame AMD if you don't even know how to use a program.