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Adept II

Adrenalin 18.2.3 causes my PC to freeze/hardlock (FX 8300, 16GB, R9 380X)

It seems that the 18.2.3 driver causes my PC to completely freeze at random. A complete hard lock.

The same frame gets displayed with no response from the mouse or other input peripherals.

No crashes, restarts, BSOD-s or similar things happen, just the complete freeze.

Noticed it mostly happening with open Chrome with multiple tabs from which a one plays a YT video, but it also happens without Chrome or Youtube.

At first, I thought it was the updated (recent) AsMedia USB drivers, but that's not it.

Reverting to an older driver (like the 18.2.1) seems to stop the issue.

Do you experience the same issue or something similar?

The graphics card is the Sapphire Nitro R9 380X 4GB.

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Volunteer Moderator

Disabling hardware acceleration in the browser or the YT video is the standard 'fix' for this age old issue. I will say that the past few Chrome versions have not been good for me. I have switched to Vivaldi and am much's a lot faster than Chrome (even though it uses Chrome extensions and updates) and has fewer issues.


I keep HW acceleration turned off because I use the atikmdagpatcher and overclock my monitor. So the freeze happens although HW acceleration is OFF.

Volunteer Moderator

Oh. I think that information should have been included in your post. Kinda makes a difference...'ya know?  A person would have to have the same settings/programs/monitor/and overclock as you to be able to answer. Although you will probably get a few guesses and soliloquies

The answer is to use the drivers that worked for you...roll back to them in Device Manager.


Happens with the unpatched drivers, too. Also, with or without the CPU overclock. I don't keep my GPU overclocked since it's bottlenecked by the CPU so an overclock wouldn't make a performance difference.