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Journeyman III

Adrenalin 18.12.2 won't start up.

As stated, the new drivers installs, but won't turn on at all. I open it through right click on the desktop and it shows in the task bar. After a minute or two the Radeon icon dissapears and process repeats. Any solutions ?

1 Solution

Can confirm this worked for me. I will explain the steps I took.

1. Download Adrenalin 2019 edition from AMD site. Restart into safe mode

2. Uninstall AMD Drivers with DDU into Restart.

2. Express Install Adrenalin 2019 edition. Restart Now Option. Fully restart to desktop.

3. Restart again into safe mode this time.

4. DDU uninstall Intel Drivers into Restart.

5. Open setting app in updated version. Hopefully it works for you like it did for me.

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Below is the display part of my DXDIAG report.

I removed the intel HD 530  graphic  driver

System Information
      Time of this report: 12/18/2018, 17:51:16
             Machine name:
               Machine Id:
         Operating System: Windows 10 企业版 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134) (17134.rs4_release.180410-1804)
                 Language: Chinese (Simplified) (Regional Setting: Chinese (Simplified))
      System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
             System Model: Z170-D3H
                     BIOS: F22d (type: UEFI)
                Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz
                   Memory: 16384MB RAM
      Available OS Memory: 16342MB RAM
                Page File: 5046MB used, 13726MB available
              Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
          DirectX Version: DirectX 12
      DX Setup Parameters: Not found
         User DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
       System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
          DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
                 Miracast: Available, with HDCP
Microsoft Graphics Hybrid: Not Supported
           DxDiag Version: 10.00.17134.0001 64bit Unicode

DxDiag Notes
      Display Tab 1: No problems found.
        Sound Tab 1: No problems found.
        Sound Tab 2: No problems found.
        Sound Tab 3: No problems found.
          Input Tab: No problems found.

DirectX Debug Levels
Direct3D:    0/4 (retail)
DirectDraw:  0/4 (retail)
DirectInput: 0/5 (retail)
DirectMusic: 0/5 (retail)
DirectPlay:  0/9 (retail)
DirectSound: 0/5 (retail)
DirectShow:  0/6 (retail)

Display Devices
           Card name: Radeon RX 580 Series
        Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
           Chip type: AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x67DF)
            DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
         Device Type: Full Device (POST)
          Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67DF&SUBSYS_E3961DA2&REV_E7
Device Problem Code: No Problem
Driver Problem Code: Unknown
      Display Memory: 16342 MB
    Dedicated Memory: 8172 MB
       Shared Memory: 8170 MB
        Current Mode: 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (59Hz)
         HDR Support: Not Supported
    Display Topology: Internal
Display Color Space: DXGI_COLOR_SPACE_RGB_FULL_G22_NONE_P709
     Color Primaries: Red(0.635266,0.349133), Green(0.332531,0.609875), Blue(0.155773,0.055188), White Point(0.313000,0.329602)
   Display Luminance: Min Luminance = 0.500000, Max Luminance = 270.000000, MaxFullFrameLuminance = 270.000000
        Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor
       Monitor Model: S22C150
          Monitor Id: SAM0AE5
         Native Mode: 1920 x 1080(p) (60.000Hz)
         Output Type: HDMI
Monitor Capabilities: HDR Not Supported
      Advanced Color: Not Supported
         Driver Name: C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\u0337011.inf_amd64_2da7da59ec794678\B336523\aticfx64.dll,C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\u0337011.inf_amd64_2da7da59ec794678\B336523\aticfx64.dll,C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\u0337011.inf_amd64_2da7da59ec794678\B336523\aticfx64.dll,C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\u0337011.inf_amd64_2da7da59ec794678\B336523\amdxc64.dll
Driver File Version: 25.20.15002.0058 (English)
      Driver Version: 25.20.15002.58
         DDI Version: 12
      Feature Levels: 12_0,11_1,11_0,10_1,10_0,9_3,9_2,9_1
        Driver Model: WDDM 2.4
Graphics Preemption: Primitive
  Compute Preemption: DMA
            Miracast: Not Supported
Hybrid Graphics GPU: Not Supported
      Power P-states: Not Supported
      Virtualization: Paravirtualization
          Block List: No Blocks
  Catalog Attributes: Universal:False Declarative:True
   Driver Attributes: Final Retail
    Driver Date/Size: 2018/12/6 8:00:00, 1982888 bytes
         WHQL Logo'd: Yes
     WHQL Date Stamp: Unknown
   Device Identifier: {D7B71EE2-249F-11CF-287E-0CF95CC2D435}
           Vendor ID: 0x1002
           Device ID: 0x67DF
           SubSys ID: 0xE3961DA2
         Revision ID: 0x00E7
  Driver Strong Name: oem0.inf:cb0ae414b12389ca:ati2mtag_Polaris10:25.20.15002.58:PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67DF&REV_E7
      Rank Of Driver: 00CF2000
         Video Accel: Unknown
         DXVA2 Modes: DXVA2_ModeMPEG2_VLD  DXVA2_ModeMPEG2_IDCT  DXVA2_ModeH264_VLD_NoFGT  DXVA2_ModeHEVC_VLD_Main  DXVA2_ModeH264_VLD_Stereo_Progressive_NoFGT  DXVA2_ModeH264_VLD_Stereo_NoFGT  DXVA2_ModeVC1_VLD  DXVA2_ModeMPEG4pt2_VLD_AdvSimple_NoGMC  DXVA2_ModeHEVC_VLD_Main10 
      Deinterlace Caps: n/a
        D3D9 Overlay: Not Supported
             DXVA-HD: Not Supported
        DDraw Status: Enabled
          D3D Status: Enabled
          AGP Status: Enabled
       MPO MaxPlanes: 1
            MPO Caps: Not Supported
         MPO Stretch: Not Supported
     MPO Media Hints: Not Supported
         MPO Formats: Not Supported
    PanelFitter Caps: Not Supported
PanelFitter Stretch: Not Supported


thanks ! but I think I will keep my version , I can't allow a problem AMD driver exist in my PC . I hope they will fix it in next update


Which integrated Graphics do you have - AMD by any chance?


no , I am using I5-8400 with VGA Rx580 8GB


Interesting ... thought removing intel iGPU drivers using DDU is not normally recommended.

I found the problem of this version 18.12.2 is Amd Settings package , if u have previous version , u just use custom install , choose install all package without AMD settings , and done ! It works smooth as silk


Yes , the 18.12.2 driver itself  works well without new AMD Settings package. But for some people , they  don't  want to miss the newly added or improved features and interface  brought by the  latest version of Radeon Settings.


It can be very problematic if you don't do it right.

From Intel:

Learn How to Roll Back Your Driver to a Previous Version 


Install & Setup




Failure to read this message may result in system instability.

The new drivers labeled as Windows DCH graphics drivers are not backward compatible with our previous graphics drivers, which we are now labeling Legacy. This means that if you later want to revert or "roll back" to a Legacy driver, you will need to uninstall the driver using only the Windows Apps and Features method, and reboot the system before installing the Legacy driver. Failure to do so may result in minor to major system instability.

DO NOT use the steps referenced in this article to install or uninstall Windows DCH drivers, as doing so bypasses the Intel installer designed to install these new drivers, thereby possibly resulting in minor to major system instability.

You can restore the previous driver by using the rollback option.

  1. Open Device Manager, click Start > Control Panel > Device Manager
  2. Expand Display Adapters
  3. Double-click on your Intel® display device
  4. Select the Driver tab
  5. Click Roll Back Driver to restore

If the option to roll back driver is grayed-out, one of the following applies:

  • Your computer has not had a previous driver installed for that device.
  • Your computer did not retain the driver files from the original version installed.

intel HD530 ,  i6700k integrated


Just wanted to confirm that wipping Intel igpu drivers with DDU (safe mode) worked for me aswell.

Thank you for this work around. Shame AMD.

Journeyman III

Try the following:

Download the latest Intel HD 4600 driver from Intel's site.

Use DDU in Safe Mode to uninstall the Intel driver first without restarting, then uninstall the AMD driver with a restart.

Upon booting into Windows, install the AMD GPU driver first. Restart. See if the Settings window opens now.

If it doesn't, then there may be another issue at play. If the Radeon Settings window opens, install the Intel GPU driver.

Restart one more time.

Adept II

To be fair I didn't read ALL the answers and maybe the solution I'm sharing now was already named, but I just registered to make sure it's here somewhere.

So, I was on the 18.11.1 driver and downloaded the 18.12.2 driver. I removed the old driver with DDU and installed the new driver.

Then I wanted to start Radeon Settings, but nothing really happened. So I checked the Task Manager and Radeon Settings was using about 17% CPU for no obvious reason while still not starting.

First thing I tried was uninstalling via DDU again and reinstalling the 18.12.2. During the installation (custom) I didn't even get the offer to install Radeon Settings which was a killer argument for me.

I downloaded the 18.11.2 driver, uninstalled the half installed driver from 18.12.2 again via DDU and then just installed the 18.11.2. I did get the option to install Radeon Settings there and after the reboot everything was working fine.

So if you have this or a similar problem I suggest to just stick with the 18.11.2 version for now until this is fixed.


Intel Graphics drivers have been conflicting with AMD drivers for some months now, especially the recent Intel drivers.  The trick is to not install the latest Intel drivers but let Windows install them. The latest Intel drivers cause the AMD settings GUI not to open but the Radeon Settings and Radeon Host application processes will be running and using around 75% of the CPU. There was also a conflict with a combination of Intel, AMD and HWiNFO at some point where the latter would also not open while having high CPU usage.

What I don't understand is, I have always disabled the integrated graphics and made the discrete graphics the 'Primary' graphics in the bios. Why are so many people not doing this? It seems computer 101 to me.

As to obtaining the drivers from them:

Intel® will be supplying Windows DCH Drivers for its products beginning in November. These drivers will be used for Windows® 10 and Windows* Server 2019 and will replace the existing drivers. Read more

Introduction of Windows DCH Drivers for Intel Products


Product Information & Documentation



What is changing?

Microsoft is changing the way that hardware drivers work on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Windows® 10 (and later), and Microsoft Windows* Server 2019 (and later). Hardware running on these operating systems can use Windows DCH Drivers. Intel will begin distributing Windows DCH Drivers for its products beginning in November 2018.

How do these changes affect driver updates for Intel products?

As of November 2018, driver updates for Intel products on these operating systems will begin transitioning to Windows DCH Drivers. After a driver has been updated to a Windows DCH Driver, it's possible to roll back to a legacy driver; however, rolling back isn't recommended as it involves a complex process that could result in system instability. This system instability is especially pertinent to graphics drivers. You can find more information on this subject.

How do I load Intel® driver updates?

You can load most Intel® driver updates using the Intel® Driver and Support Assistant (Intel® DSA), which will:

  • Detect your machine’s configuration.
  • Identify your current Intel® drivers.
  • Notify you of any drivers that need updating.
  • Give you the opportunity to update those drivers.

Note that the Intel® DSA tool doesn't currently work for Windows* Server. For these customers, and customers who prefer to manually identify and load a specific driver, these customers can use Download Center.

More detailed information on DCH Windows Drivers can be found on the Microsoft site.

Drivers & Software

Because there are good reasons to keeping the integrated graphics enabled.

Adept II

I updated to 19.2.1 today and the issue still persits.

It cannot be that I have to uninstall my Intel driver every time I update my AMD driver!

AMD please fix this finally!!

Adept II

19.3.1. Same issue!!

Is AMD even reading this??


No they are not. This is a user to user forum > AMD Support Forums - Rules & Regulations & Terms of Membership 



This is a user to user English language only Support Forum.

Plenty of ways to contact AMD with your problem:

AMD Issue Reporting Form 

Online Service Request | AMD 

Yeah, could've thought of that on my own, thanks.


Hi avendorz,

Can you share hardware details



OS version:


I'm using a Laptop on a P15SM platform. GPU is an 8970M running on Win10.


Same with 19.3.2.  For a quick fix.  After installing the AMD driver, go to Device Manager, uninstall the Intel Graphics, scan for hardware changes and update the unidentified device.  Intel drivers will reinstall.  No need for restart at any point.  If you tried to open the AMD Settings before removing the Intel graphics, make sure to kill the Radeon Settings: Host application processes.