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Journeyman III

Add Fan Control to Minimal Install

Please add in Adrenaline Software when install choose option "Minimal install" option for FAN CONTROL..

This is insane without control the fans start and stop non stop and temperature is around 60-70 decreses ... That is insane stupid..

ALSO BIG PROBLEM with Minimal Install option it has bug with colors on windows...Too bad colors like total mess, with FULL version image quality is good.. but this total fail my eyes hurts now..

I do not want to install FULL , because with the FULL adrenaline software crash always wattman and while i'm playing pc crashing because of this stupid wattman. 

Please add fan control option like its in FULL version but for minimal install too, so we can control our fans and temperature.

It's very important.

Or finally fix your adrenaline software and this wattman crashing...because i spend 1000BGN for GPU that is expensive and cannot play 1 game normal, always crash crash crash...nvidia got stable stuff atleast...6 months i wait for fix this wattman nobody cares in amd.

Sending dxdialog crash reports nothing 0 support help update fix..

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Adept I

For the time being, you could use MSI Afterburner. It has fan control with customizable curves. 


or why not delete Radeon Software then?

better is update software and drivers of this. Radeon rx 5700 XT Nitro+ got so much crash problems with amd software and drivers please fix it this wattman. Even with Small install or Full install of software is crashing wattman. While using default settings even.