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Add an update for fixing when storemi didn't load up or lost of device happened

it have been a issue when the storemi isn't working so ppl are unable to log in the window as it can activate the boot. it have no longer with any update for yrs, i hope it add a function when the NVMe have issue or fail to recognized or load up etc, it can automatically use HDD to load up . as storemi is acted as a cache function only, when it have issue, the only way is to reinstall the whole HDD or window, it is disaster for most of users.

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StoreMI is only supported on certain AM4 platform motherboard chipset and processor combinations.

Since AM4 has been superseded by AM5 which does not support StoreMI it is doubtful AMD will continue to publish software updates for an outdated platform.

As to your specific issue, yes the SSD used with StoreMI is for cache only, and it should be possible to boot from the HDD without the SSD copy. Note that if you are using RAID or TPM drive encryption this may prevent StoreMI from functioning correctly. Here is a link to the User Guide.

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